Friday, November 26, 2010

day late and a dollar short....

Happy belated Thanksgiving!  Well with my DD in town I have been a bit busy hanging out with her and doing homework... I just wanted to say hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.... Enjoy Black Friday as I will be doing homework and NOT missing the crowds or that I missed the "sales" 

OH here is a layout I made for the ISSUE challenge Which was easy one.. do a layout about something you are thankful for...

I would add the card, but I submitted it to Paper Crafts... so we shall see if they pick it.  IF not I will post it later!

Be blessed and thank you all for being here and keeping tabs on my little spot. I value each one of you and am greatful to be a part of your life, no matter how small or big.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

helping's that time of year!

Over at Club CK, I do the ISSUE Challenge and I usually am driven by finding new little nuggets of joy in the magazine.  Well I found such nugget this week with the challenge, I used a punch on a photo to create a spot for hidden journaling.  SOOO here is the layout.. but something I wanted to add, this time of year I almost always think of these photos.  I remember that Bradley was sooo excited to "work" in grandpa's workshop... that joy, pure joy, was the best gift that anyone gave him that year.  Time with grandpa in his workshop is a memory that Brad will always have.  I love that grandpa let BRAD pick the wood and there was no "plan" to make something he just let Brad hammer the nails and use the wood glue... they made a little something that really was nothing to the average eye, but to my eyes... they made something better than the grandest woodworking.. they made a memory any way here is the layout and card I made to go with it.

OH yeah.. I used my CRICUT!  whoooo-hooo does that mean I can buy a new cartridge?  LOL

PS  I also have am in the new Tips & Tricks Magazine  not for a layout, but my mug as a moderator on the boards.. totally exciting! The gals I am moderating with are super amazing and I hope you come over to the boards and get to know all of them!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh yeah... She's sassy

Here is my layout for this last weeks challenge on the Club CK boards.  I was so excited to get the new TIps and Tricks Magazine, my photo is in it... yep that is cause I am a moderator for Club CK along with so pretty amazing ladies.  It is an honor.  SO here is fun using the CK article by Dorathy G. on Krafy Solutions!

And this card is inspired by my friend Kim Kesti's card in the new Paper Crafts magazine. What fun it is so be sure to get them both! They are VALUABLE sources of information this time of year... Later I will post about my trip to Houston, to the Quilt Festival... I picked up a fun new craft called FELTING.. OH fun!  I love it!  Thanks MOM for taking me!
Be blessed friends!