Monday, March 29, 2010

Sketch from Practical Scrappers

OK so I got this sketch and I have been musing over it. I really like the composition. So me being me.. I flipped it over.. Here it is, I hope you like it. I also loved the scallop edge where it was, but it didn't match my subject matter so I decided to just chop up the top and make my own deco edge I loved how it came out!
Thanks for stoppin by!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Check out this Kit!

So I was over at Cosmo Cricket and THIS caught my eye.. GO AND LOOK AT THIS KIT!! Good Gravy I think I am in LOVE!!!!


While I was out of commission

SO you all know my computer was down.. so I have a few layouts that missed the dead line, but my favorite was the "Use something you have had in your stash for over a year" (Practical Scrapper). I made this layout, it did not make the site because I couldn't send it! BUT I loved it and the fun challenge of using my older stuff.. I hope you like it sooo here is Caleb (using KiMemories - My Guy from like 2005 I think and American Craft from 2005)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Snow Way

OK so we went up north to a friends cabin to spend the day in the snow... I planned on taking my best friends 6 year old son with us but ended up not working out. NOW that we are back, I am kinda happy cause he would have been BORED... first off we were witnesses to a car accident and that took about 1 1/2 hours of our morning trip to Munds Park waiting for the police to show up so we could give our witness statements. THEN when we got there the snow was so deep we may have lost him in the snow. We lost Ally's shoe it took almost 45 minutes to find it. THE SNOW was DEEP I was really surprised at how much snow there was. I am uploading a few photos to show the snow it was so pretty, so deep, oh and SOOO cold!

Picture #1 - Waiting for DPS to take our statements.. what a blessing no one was killed... trust me it was scary to watch this happen!
Picture#2 - Ally after losing her shoe.. which I would like to also note..MOMMY found it with a snow shovle and determination
Picture #3 - Jade (almost 5'11') up to her hip in snow.
Picture #4 - Mommy holding back the avalanche (hahahah)
Have a great day!
I love that I live in a place that I can be in 75 degree weather in the morning then 2 hours later I can be playing in the snow and then back to the valley and beautiful evening weather. Gotta love that about Arizona!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going Postal

1. my computer has been down for almost 2 weeks
2. my only computer access has been limited to my phone and when my daughter is here so I can upload using her computer
3. I can't check all my favorite blogs and sites and I miss it!
4. I have not been able to fix and correct layouts for my DTs because I had the Photoshop on my computer that is being fixed!
5. My email is WAAAAAY backed up and I know I am missing some of your emails
6. My Kit from Scraproom was damaged!

WELL at least my blessings are as good
1. my computer will be back soon.. hopefully in a day or two. and I have a great daughter that let me use her computer for a few minutes to update my blog
2. I can check and respond to some emails via my phone
3. I have blog friends that I love and they know I will be back soon and don't give up on me
4. My DT ladies have been very understanding and I am thankful for that more then they will ever know...I need no more stress in my life right now
5. I have contacted Scraproom and they answered me in hours about what to do and they were great! I am soooo thankful for that and not only is the kit amazing, I have not been able to send them the photos because of my computer problem and they FOLLOWED UP WITH ME!!! how great is that for customer service? yeah the best! OH check them out see my link on the side of my blog.. totally a rockin kit and everyone should sign up! I love the kit but the customer service is jsut with out a doubt the BEST!
6. I had a great day today and missed being in a BAD accident
7. God loves me and I love Him! what more could a girl want?

Thanks for checking in on me.... I love you guys

PS can I add I love the picture of Allison holding up my kit for the photo..she cracks me up...