Wednesday, September 29, 2010


OK I am a scrapbooker right?  Well I am also nutty about quilting as well.  SOOO when I got my new CK magazine, I realized stitching is all the rage in on layouts.  I think it is because stitching adds just the perfect little touch to make your layout great.  Lucky me I can add both stitches and scrapbooking!  HOW GREAT IS THAT?  well I can and I do. Back to CK-- ok I noticed that there were so many layouts with stitching that I said.. AH HAAAA THAT will be the first ISSUE challenge for OCTOBER.  I encourage you to get over to the CLUB and take part in new challenge. 
Here is the sample I did for the challenge!  HOPE you like it
 Ok so this card was of course as my tradition was made after I scrapped the layout.  I would also acknowledge that the fun paper is Nikki Silva's new line.  I really liked it and thought how fun that little beaver is.....
OH guess what, I will be at a retreat next week.. Quilting, I hope to have a fun beautiful quilt top to show you after the retreat.. check back for more stitching, only you wont really be able to see it!  LOL

Blessings friends and go over and check out Club CK, you will love it there!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ok my friends, the new CK ISSUE Challenge is UP here is my sample:  It is a really easy challenge and I have THREE prizes to give away this month.. soooo click this link here to check out the ISSUE CHALLENGE

And the card I made with the scraps from my sample.
I love Basic Grey.. it is like a great little black cocktail dress.. it NEVER goes out of style!  This is the Origins Line.. and look it is beautiful with anything.. I love that!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Well Jade and Jasmine went and got thier hairs cut this past weekend and inspired me.. SO I went into Ulta and said to the very nice gal cutting my hair.. yup I need something fun and easy.. I have worn my hair basically in  a ponytail for the last 20+ years so she said are you sure.. I said.. have fun.. she did and I actually love my new cut... SOOO it is hard to take a photo of yourself and show the side of your hair so people can see the texture.. so this is the best I can do!  I will try and get some other shots later.. she did a total shag haircut and I love it.. the texture is fun and it is so much lighter, it is weird to not have my hair pulled back in a ponytail and I feel like people are looking at me funny because I am not use to wearing my hair down.. Dave liked it and really that is all that matters to me, other than me liking it. She gave me this cut because I can just dry it and add a little mouse and be done with it. As the stylist said.. usually when you wear your hair in a ponytail for 20+ years you want something fun and easy.. she was 100% right. I like it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Come on over and play at CLUB CK

Check this out:

REALLY fun stuff is going on the week of Sept 22.. get over to the club for possible prizes and lots of inspirations.  NOT to mention there is still time to get in for one of the ISSUE challenges to win this prize

OK now scoot..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

my brain hurts!

Ok really... homework is very time consuming when you have not been in a math class for several years!  I am pleased with my desire to "get it" and I am just spending time every day trying to re-learn all that stuff from high school and what not that I thought I would never ever need in life agian... HA!  I am still struggling with the signed problems, BUT I am slowly beginning to not be as afraid of the numbers...
I really hope our professor doesn't just move ahead at the speed of light, because I am really working hard to get all this stuff  and he does move kind of fast. 
Well I am jsut taking a brake.. so I need to get back to the books.. I am working on a new paper too.. about social labels.  I am trying to determine if I want to do "square pegs" as my social label. I have questions for my English instructor... I am glad I only started with two classes... I am really working on balance.. and right now I am off my scale.. LOL  I just keep telling myself   I LOVE MATH.. and truthfully I love the feeling when I check my work and it is right.. that is indeed the BEST feeling ever!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pea-Brained Skunk Print - Chloe

OK sooo I took the kids to school today. After dropping Allison off at school I had rolled the windows down about half way so Chloe could stick her muzzle out.  WELL I hear a "clink" like she had jumped into the back of the Kia.. and I look in the rear veiw mirror to see her landing on the pavement.. SHE JUMPED OUT OF A MOVING CAR! Who told me that Border Collies were smart?!? I slammed on the brakes, threw the car in park and jumped out of the car to check her.. She started to run away.. like to a house. (I admit it was the same model or close to our home)  I am calling her.. CHLOE come her baby.. come on.. she is now obviously scared and I see that she has at least a cut under her chin. 
SO I am trying to get her to not run in fear.. SO I drop down and in my sweetest "hey stupid dog" voice I say "Skunk Print comehere... " (Bradley recently started calling her skunk print) and she trotted over to me like nothing had ever happened.  I grab her up in my arms, roll the windows up and rush her home.. she has a little boo-boo on her chin and that is all.  The vet says it is VERY rare for a dog to jump from a moving vehicle, but she must have seen something that made her feel like she needed to.  (like a cat)
ANYWAY.. one of my friends at Club CK mentioned --once a dog gets something in their little pea brains.. and well it has stuck.. so we are thinking of renaming Chloe to Pea-Brained Skunk Print.. what  a goober! (this is an old photo of her.. but you can kind of see why Brad calls her skunk print.)

OK so I just wanted to give you blog reader a chance to win PRIZES as the last post mentioned, I host a Challenge at Club CK so go check out these two links to find out more...

HOW TO PLAY + Photos of the three prizes


The FIRST SEPT 2010 Challenge

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NEW CHALLENGE!!! Sept round begins today!

Challenge Sample
Fun Card made with scraps from my layout!
Yup I have begun a new round over @ Club CK for the ISSUE challenges.. Our prize winners were Melissa J and Nightsmile! 

SO here is the link to this weeks challenge. I loved how the sample came out and the card was a bonus too!
Blessings friends and come over and play!  K

FYI in the post for the challenge, there is a little thing I put together for how to journal better.