Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello Thursday!

So it is Thursday and I am in a crafty mood.. I made 2 cards and a layout last night-- I can't post the cards because they are for the Paper Crafts call.. so if I don't hear from them sooner or later I will put them up.. BUT the layout is just for fun.. so I will post it. I am finding that I really like to not use too many embellies on a layout. I really like simple clean layouts... so that is my not so amazing revelation about myself. Here is one I did about Brad and I last night

Have a great Thursday and just as a heads up... CK is having a big NSD party this weekend, so pop onto the boards there are lots of prizes and give aways... Blessings to you all my friends..

Monday, April 26, 2010


I am a quilter in addition to my scrapbooking. In fact, I would venture to say it is my second favorite craft (quilting) I still am a scrapbooker at heart.. anyway... I have a bunch of scraps many given to me by my mother. While I was working on something this last weekend I decided to add some fabric to it. I made a Mother's Day Card.. (sorry mom --if you read this you will see your card early) I liked it .. a lot and I started thinking I have all this beautiful fabric I wish it were paper.. SOOO why not.. use it like pattern paper and that is when I pulled out this.... Well I liked it so much that I decided that I should turn it into a scrapbook layout.. and it worked. (see below) I then started thinking to myself...."self, couldn't you use the pretty fabric just like you do your pattern paper in scrapbooking and cut out some of the fabulous patterns that adorn all that beautiful fabric?" then I answered my self and said "why of course you can self.. try it and then I made the "alway us" layout (below) and it was so easy. All I did was adhere the cut out fabric with a brad.. how easy is that? well about as easy as stitching it down with a button.. which is what I will do next time.. Also "pleating" is pretty big in scrapbooking lately, so why not do it with fabric... its a heck of a lot easier... ANYWAY I suppose all this is to say.. Scrapbookers and Quilters unite! Both of these fabulous crafts/arts whatever can help eachother... I also would like to point out that a ZIG pen will write perfectly on a piece of fabric... SO hit the quilt stores scrappers in search of your next great layout.. and remember most quilt stores keep the collections together so it makes for easy shopping..

ANYWAY HERE are the two layouts I made featuring fabric this weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010


OK so I have been waiting to share this layout for what feels like forever.. Finally it is the week of floss, ribbon and fiber at Practical Scrappers... I did this layout weeks ago for it. I can honestly say it is one of my favorites, I love the blanket stitch that I put on it. I don't know why I love it so much, but I do. Also it has cute pictures of Naners.. and I love my puppy... so here it is for your viewing pleasure! YO SNOOP! Oh and some of the other possible names for this layout were... LL Tailwagga, and GrandMasta Naners.. kinda dope huh... that was lame I know... sorry Here is a close up of the stitching..
Journaling reads: What happens when your eighteen year old daughter is "trapped" inside the house recovering from H1N1? She gets bored, very, very bored! Well, after that happens, she decides it time to play dress-up and teach Mommy's Great Dane how to rap! YES- rap! Making her debute, Snoop Nani Boots...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New for Frosted Design

Here is my masking layout for Frosted Design challenge. I just wanted to share about the title. I was at the CK Convention (as you all know) and I purchased a kit at the CK bookstore called, mixed up. Inside were all these cool template/ghost like letter things.. SOOOO I was like ohhh I am keeping these for masking for sure. I love all of them and I can't wait to use more. All I did was used a removable adhesive and secured the title down (around where I was going to place the photos) and simply inked the masking down. SO I hope you like it! It is a beautiful way to do a nice title and for $18 for the whole kit... COMPLETELY worth every penny!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recovery from TKO - Future looks good!

The convention was a HOOT! Joni and I had so much fun. On Saturday, we hung out with our friend Kim Kesti (see her blog link on the sidebar of my blog) She is such a great lady! So glad I can call her friend.
Now that all the stuff is put way, lets get down to the fun. I scrapbooked a layout Friday night because Joni and I had challenged each other.

While at the Queen & Co. booth we were picking out felt borders (buy 10 get 2 free) and bling (again buy 10, get 2 free) and we were down to picking our last bling, BUT we both were pretty happy with what we wanted... then I thrust a packet of pearl blings in her hand and say, "Ok, buy this and we will make it a challenge...we have to use it and one felt border we purchased today on a layout" OH did I forget to mention the NAME of the Pearls we bought is "SLIME GREEN"

So Joni and I being who we are.. BOTH did our challenges Friday night so we could share on Saturday Morning. I was really impressed with hers, she actually used more than just that one color. She used the little buggy felt and like four colors of bling.. it was adorable. (she may have it up on her blog -- go look-- she too is in the sidebar of this blog, just click and prepare to be amazed)

OK well mine is very typically Erika... so here it is I hope you like it

Friday, April 16, 2010

CKC-Mesa --- ROUND 1 TKO

Who would have thunk it... I could buy this much new stuff? WOW! Joni had the fabulous idea to have a "quick" shopping day today at the convention (beacause we both actually signed up for some classes) Well we had fun, found a lot of good bargins. I was happy as a clam this year. I felt like re-charged and excited to be scrapbooking again... I saw a lot of friends and just really had an overall great day. Of course hanging out with my best friend all day was just icing on the cupcake and tomorrow we get to do it all again. I will not be purcahsing as much however because, well LOOK ^^ at the stuff I got today.. I am like WHOOOO-HOOOOO time to scrap.. but I wanted to update my blog and say hello to some online friends first.. so I am off to sort and maybe actually scrap some.. Joni and I have a challenge for each other so I may work on that! Its only 10 pm for pete sake.. that is like a couple hours before bedtime. I don't have to pick Joni up for Round 2 until 8:30... Ok Im off hopefully I will have a layout to share tomorrow.. if not.. well know I had fun looking at my new goodies!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New layout

I had fun making this one.. I will tell you sticking down all those dots.. arrrgggh.. it was not fun, but the fact that I used my cricut made me sooo happy! I am actively seeking ways to use my cricut more often.
I hope you like it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am on the CK inspiration blog this week..

OK I am so blessed right now.
my layout {Boy @ play} is on the Club CK blog. I am not able to cut and paste the link for some reason, but I was so amazed to see my layout on there. I can't even tell you how overwhelmed I am at being chosen among all the talented women that post on that site!

I just wanted to share with my friends.



Saturday, April 10, 2010

Egg-stra special layout..hahaha

Ok so I can't help it. I have been scrappin today and I have done a few layouts for DT stuff.. but I made this one just cause I like the photos... so here is my egg art layout... (who says I don't have a sick sense of humor) NOW I can not take credit for the egg faces, my mom sent me an email and it had faces like this, I am however taking credit for putting the faces on the eggs and sticking them back in the fridge until someone was asked to "grab mommy an egg will ya" HAHAHAHA Still cracking me up!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Stuck? Not with this magazine!

So I have a card exchange at my church... and I have been stumped!
Usually I have no problems with cards, but this exchange was "masculine" that is all.. not theme like Birthday, thinking of you .. nothing.. and masculine.. I have been thinking about it for a week and a half... Then on my friend KIM KESTI's blog I saw that this book was out...

So I got it,and some supplies...
and here is the result! I am so happy it took me less than an hour to get all 12 of these cards finished! Thanks to this book ! Thanks Kim.. I even got the design from her section!
Hope the girls in the exchange love how them as much as I do!


Good morning! One of those great layouts,when you say "I love this layout". Now it's not just the paper, and embellies.. its the subject. I love this layout because it has Osh Kosh in it. Ally has had that little bear since she was born. She loved the stuffing out of him. He has brought her many sweet dreams! This week over at
:// , the challenge is to make a project with the word "dream" well, as soon as I saw that challenge I knew excatly what I was going to do with it. That was this layout featuring much Jillibean Soup product (wish I had thos corragated letters!)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Second Zentangle

Ok this is my latest zentangle. Joni you have created a monster. I love this, it is so relaxing and doesn't take very long. OK I will have more scrapbooking up later on... Just wanted to share this one. Oh I began by tracing a cereal bowl and went to town.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I did it...zentangling

Well my friend I did it!
I went online and I watched some YouTube videos on how to do the Zentangle AKA zendoodle. I loved Joni's sooo much, I just had to learn how to do it. I would also like to add that my two youngest daughters gave it a go too.. Jasmine and Ally seem to be very talented at zendoodling. Jasmine has this swirly thing that I LOVE but I can not figure out how to copy it. Ally is really good zendoodling too. I was amazed at how fun it was so here is my first ZENDOODLE/ZENTANGLE

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I have decided and blah blah blah!

It's really hard to be on a Design Team. I have been working on some really fun layouts, and I WANT to share them right now.. I don't want to wait. There is one that is coming up on Practical Scrapper that I have done that I L-O-V-E it... arrrrgh.
OK so I have also decided that I am not JUST a scrap booker. I really love to quilt, crochet, cook, draw and do other stuff. My friend Joni showed me this doodling art she took a class on, and I am really interested in doing it. I also really like making cards but I usually hate my cards. I for some reason, really am hard on myself and my crafty projects

So maybe I need to broaden my posting to include more that just my scrapbooking. Ok I have babbled enough for tonight.

Oh I added a photo of my Frosted Design Layout for this week. It is a color combo... Black, Pink and Lime.

I have also realized in the big pond of scrapbookers out there... I am really just an average scrapper. I was blog hopping today and GEEEEEZZZ there are so many people that are SOOO much more talented. I like my scrapbooking.. it is good, but it is NOT the best. I saw some things today that made me say.. WOW I love that, or why didn't I think of that. Humility is creeping up on me. I have often been "proud" of my scrapbooking, but today I was really really humbled.