Monday, August 29, 2011

Sneak Peek + a Give away!

DRUM ROLL Please!!!!!!!!

Well Ladies I promised you fun!!

SOOO I found out last week that Creating Keepsakes Magazine was going to let me (I am so excited) share a SNEAK PEEK of the NEW BUDGET FRIENDLY SCRAPBOOKING!

You gals know I am not THIS a flip the pages girl, I look at all the details. This is a very special issue and it is FILLED… literally filled with amazing ways to stretch those scrappy supplies and to make beautiful pages on a budget!

Ok so just take peek at this page by Kim Watson (ohh I just love her style) Did she really make that tree from left over stickers? YEAH she did.. and it looks aaaaamazing! SO here is how I see it, we get great pages from experts and we also get amazing ideas on how to stretch our dollars.. (doesn’t CK rock).

Oh and look at this page from Cindy Tobey.. puffy flowers that work on all kinds of pages! I am so excited about this book. I really believe it will be an absolute MUST have for every scrapbooker from the "this is my first page" scrapper to the highly advanced, there is something in here for everyone.

DO yourself a HUGE favor and order a copy today! Check out this LINK to order your own copy.

SOOO want to know MORE GREAT NEWS? CK is letting ME give a copy away! REALLY I felt so honored! Here is the way to win a copy of this great special issue that is so hot off the presses, that CK is shipping it to the winner!

Simply leave a comment on this thread, and I will do a completely random drawing on September 5th to announce THE WINNER!

HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! And don’t forget to check out the ISSUE challenges over at ClubCK we have a lot of fun with those challenges… just ask any of the players!



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OK I admit it....

I took a few weeks off... I know I had BIG plans to get all this great content I have written up on the blog.. but I only had two and a half weeks of summer break and I took it... DO YOU FORGIVE ME?  OK well I have something FUN coming up on AUG 29th MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE BLOG-- I will have a special treat (including a GIVEAWAY) for you... SO hold on to your socks, I have a lot planned over the next few weeks..
and I am VERY excited about next week.. LIKE it's killing me to share.. but I promised I would wait until the 29th!