Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So we survived the holiday hub-bub... stocking stuffed, gifts wrapped and now shredded paper. WHEW! 
So far one of my favorite seasonal paper lines is Jovial from Basic Grey it is beautiful (click the link to see everything in the line). SO the ISSUE challenge this week is to make a layout using your favorite "holiday line" it does not have to be Christmas, it can be Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter whatever.. if you have not entered any of the challenges, this might be the one for you.  I would encourage you to give it a whirl as I have several smaller prizes to give away and one album kit. Now that you have all that new scrappy stuff you got for Christmas, you should be feeling the need to scrap so enter for a chance to win one of the prizes (any and all entries for the 9 challenges must be posted by MIDNIGHT Dec. 31, 2010)  Well here are the samples I made and be sure to check out Basic Grey TV (BGTV-- click the Jovial link above) they have all kinds of great videos to show you the products AND ideas on how to use them.  Have a safe and happy new year friends! 
 and of course my card that I made from the scraps... be blessed friends enjoy this new year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fun little layout and card

Here is a fun layout I did from a recipe challenge... hard because the ingredients are very simple. I like it... don't love it, but I like it! here ya go.. I like the card a lot more thatn the layout.  Oh I made the pleats on the card by simply cutting a strip of paper about 1 1/2 inches then triming the strip with pinking shears, and then cut and folded in the sides on different size strips to make the pleat uneven. give it a go, it's pretty fun! IF you want to get in on the challenge and a chance to win prizes, here is the link

Merry Christmas! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here is a fun layout I did last night

I used a lot of scraps and stuff from kits... I promised myself NOT to use anything that was not in a kit... so here ya go.. I also used this layout for the ISSUE challenge over on the Club CK boards.

Oh for the banner just cut a strip of paper about 1-1.5 inches and then cut a deep "v" into one end then fold the strip to make a fun banner... Try it, it is fun and easy technique

Thursday, December 2, 2010



Friday, November 26, 2010

day late and a dollar short....

Happy belated Thanksgiving!  Well with my DD in town I have been a bit busy hanging out with her and doing homework... I just wanted to say hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.... Enjoy Black Friday as I will be doing homework and NOT missing the crowds or that I missed the "sales" 

OH here is a layout I made for the ISSUE challenge Which was easy one.. do a layout about something you are thankful for...

I would add the card, but I submitted it to Paper Crafts... so we shall see if they pick it.  IF not I will post it later!

Be blessed and thank you all for being here and keeping tabs on my little spot. I value each one of you and am greatful to be a part of your life, no matter how small or big.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

helping's that time of year!

Over at Club CK, I do the ISSUE Challenge and I usually am driven by finding new little nuggets of joy in the magazine.  Well I found such nugget this week with the challenge, I used a punch on a photo to create a spot for hidden journaling.  SOOO here is the layout.. but something I wanted to add, this time of year I almost always think of these photos.  I remember that Bradley was sooo excited to "work" in grandpa's workshop... that joy, pure joy, was the best gift that anyone gave him that year.  Time with grandpa in his workshop is a memory that Brad will always have.  I love that grandpa let BRAD pick the wood and there was no "plan" to make something he just let Brad hammer the nails and use the wood glue... they made a little something that really was nothing to the average eye, but to my eyes... they made something better than the grandest woodworking.. they made a memory any way here is the layout and card I made to go with it.

OH yeah.. I used my CRICUT!  whoooo-hooo does that mean I can buy a new cartridge?  LOL

PS  I also have am in the new Tips & Tricks Magazine  not for a layout, but my mug as a moderator on the boards.. totally exciting! The gals I am moderating with are super amazing and I hope you come over to the boards and get to know all of them!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh yeah... She's sassy

Here is my layout for this last weeks challenge on the Club CK boards.  I was so excited to get the new TIps and Tricks Magazine, my photo is in it... yep that is cause I am a moderator for Club CK along with so pretty amazing ladies.  It is an honor.  SO here is fun using the CK article by Dorathy G. on Krafy Solutions!

And this card is inspired by my friend Kim Kesti's card in the new Paper Crafts magazine. What fun it is so be sure to get them both! They are VALUABLE sources of information this time of year... Later I will post about my trip to Houston, to the Quilt Festival... I picked up a fun new craft called FELTING.. OH fun!  I love it!  Thanks MOM for taking me!
Be blessed friends!

Monday, October 25, 2010

As seen in Creating Keepsakes Magazine!

Page 13 of the new Nov/Dec 2010 Creating Keepsakes magazine!  Yup that is mine I am soo excited to share.  IT has been hard to not tell all my friends, but I thought now that the magazine is in the hands of subscribers and will be out on newstands this week or the beginning of next, here it is.. Funny because this little dog is not so little anymore.. BUT we do love her..
Be blessed today!

Monday, October 18, 2010

FALL is coming

Everyday I check my phone.. will it be cooler today?  will we avoid 90 degrees?  YES! it says today we will be under 90 and Wednesday, we will be fighting to make 72...AHHH thank you low pressure system.. I am not complaining I like the warmer weather, but it is nice to get to the whole reason people move to Arizona.. our beautiful winter months... anyway here is a layout I did while I was at Tapestries, the Calvary Community Church Crop...
and of course the scrappy card I make with my layout papers...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Better late than never

Well I was on a quilt retreat last week so I didn't post my new layout for the issue challenge here... It is really easy one, just using strips of paper here is the link.  Also I will post my layout and card to get ya excited!  So go and play.. I have two prizes this month and I need to get photos up but I have not yet... I will try later today

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


OK I am a scrapbooker right?  Well I am also nutty about quilting as well.  SOOO when I got my new CK magazine, I realized stitching is all the rage in on layouts.  I think it is because stitching adds just the perfect little touch to make your layout great.  Lucky me I can add both stitches and scrapbooking!  HOW GREAT IS THAT?  well I can and I do. Back to CK-- ok I noticed that there were so many layouts with stitching that I said.. AH HAAAA THAT will be the first ISSUE challenge for OCTOBER.  I encourage you to get over to the CLUB and take part in new challenge. 
Here is the sample I did for the challenge!  HOPE you like it
 Ok so this card was of course as my tradition was made after I scrapped the layout.  I would also acknowledge that the fun paper is Nikki Silva's new line.  I really liked it and thought how fun that little beaver is.....
OH guess what, I will be at a retreat next week.. Quilting, I hope to have a fun beautiful quilt top to show you after the retreat.. check back for more stitching, only you wont really be able to see it!  LOL

Blessings friends and go over and check out Club CK, you will love it there!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ok my friends, the new CK ISSUE Challenge is UP here is my sample:  It is a really easy challenge and I have THREE prizes to give away this month.. soooo click this link here to check out the ISSUE CHALLENGE

And the card I made with the scraps from my sample.
I love Basic Grey.. it is like a great little black cocktail dress.. it NEVER goes out of style!  This is the Origins Line.. and look it is beautiful with anything.. I love that!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Well Jade and Jasmine went and got thier hairs cut this past weekend and inspired me.. SO I went into Ulta and said to the very nice gal cutting my hair.. yup I need something fun and easy.. I have worn my hair basically in  a ponytail for the last 20+ years so she said are you sure.. I said.. have fun.. she did and I actually love my new cut... SOOO it is hard to take a photo of yourself and show the side of your hair so people can see the texture.. so this is the best I can do!  I will try and get some other shots later.. she did a total shag haircut and I love it.. the texture is fun and it is so much lighter, it is weird to not have my hair pulled back in a ponytail and I feel like people are looking at me funny because I am not use to wearing my hair down.. Dave liked it and really that is all that matters to me, other than me liking it. She gave me this cut because I can just dry it and add a little mouse and be done with it. As the stylist said.. usually when you wear your hair in a ponytail for 20+ years you want something fun and easy.. she was 100% right. I like it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Come on over and play at CLUB CK

Check this out:

REALLY fun stuff is going on the week of Sept 22.. get over to the club for possible prizes and lots of inspirations.  NOT to mention there is still time to get in for one of the ISSUE challenges to win this prize

OK now scoot..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

my brain hurts!

Ok really... homework is very time consuming when you have not been in a math class for several years!  I am pleased with my desire to "get it" and I am just spending time every day trying to re-learn all that stuff from high school and what not that I thought I would never ever need in life agian... HA!  I am still struggling with the signed problems, BUT I am slowly beginning to not be as afraid of the numbers...
I really hope our professor doesn't just move ahead at the speed of light, because I am really working hard to get all this stuff  and he does move kind of fast. 
Well I am jsut taking a brake.. so I need to get back to the books.. I am working on a new paper too.. about social labels.  I am trying to determine if I want to do "square pegs" as my social label. I have questions for my English instructor... I am glad I only started with two classes... I am really working on balance.. and right now I am off my scale.. LOL  I just keep telling myself   I LOVE MATH.. and truthfully I love the feeling when I check my work and it is right.. that is indeed the BEST feeling ever!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pea-Brained Skunk Print - Chloe

OK sooo I took the kids to school today. After dropping Allison off at school I had rolled the windows down about half way so Chloe could stick her muzzle out.  WELL I hear a "clink" like she had jumped into the back of the Kia.. and I look in the rear veiw mirror to see her landing on the pavement.. SHE JUMPED OUT OF A MOVING CAR! Who told me that Border Collies were smart?!? I slammed on the brakes, threw the car in park and jumped out of the car to check her.. She started to run away.. like to a house. (I admit it was the same model or close to our home)  I am calling her.. CHLOE come her baby.. come on.. she is now obviously scared and I see that she has at least a cut under her chin. 
SO I am trying to get her to not run in fear.. SO I drop down and in my sweetest "hey stupid dog" voice I say "Skunk Print comehere... " (Bradley recently started calling her skunk print) and she trotted over to me like nothing had ever happened.  I grab her up in my arms, roll the windows up and rush her home.. she has a little boo-boo on her chin and that is all.  The vet says it is VERY rare for a dog to jump from a moving vehicle, but she must have seen something that made her feel like she needed to.  (like a cat)
ANYWAY.. one of my friends at Club CK mentioned --once a dog gets something in their little pea brains.. and well it has stuck.. so we are thinking of renaming Chloe to Pea-Brained Skunk Print.. what  a goober! (this is an old photo of her.. but you can kind of see why Brad calls her skunk print.)

OK so I just wanted to give you blog reader a chance to win PRIZES as the last post mentioned, I host a Challenge at Club CK so go check out these two links to find out more...

HOW TO PLAY + Photos of the three prizes


The FIRST SEPT 2010 Challenge

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NEW CHALLENGE!!! Sept round begins today!

Challenge Sample
Fun Card made with scraps from my layout!
Yup I have begun a new round over @ Club CK for the ISSUE challenges.. Our prize winners were Melissa J and Nightsmile! 

SO here is the link to this weeks challenge. I loved how the sample came out and the card was a bonus too!
Blessings friends and come over and play!  K

FYI in the post for the challenge, there is a little thing I put together for how to journal better.

Friday, August 27, 2010

News and information

Good morning friends...
Well my day has been a bit rough.. I have lost my wallet somewhere and have been on SUPER HIGH stress mode all morning.  Luckily, Dave has a thing set up with the bank and it emails him anytime our cards are used.. That makes me feel a little better..

I have been working with Susan @ Paper Crafters Corner. It is a website that keeps us scrappers in the know.. anyway, I signed on to head up the Phoenix news and information department.  What that means is... I will be posting events in the Phoenix Area. If you have a friend that is a Demonstrator or you know of a crop that is looking for more people, email me and I will get the info out ASAP.. NOW the good thing is this, if you are looking for something fun to do, you can go to Paper Crafters Corner -Arizona and get the latest 411.
Be sure to check out the Main Page of Paper Crafters Corner for the latest and greatest information in the scrapbook industry.
Even more fun, is there something you want to know more about in the indusrty?  Leave me a comment or email me at
Have fun and go check it out!
Have a great day

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Wednesday

So just like every Wednesday morning now, I post a fun challenge over at Club CK forums.  I wanted to give you all the same chance to enter and win the prize.  SOO here is the link to this weeks ISSUE Challenge
Be sure to check out all the ISSUE Challenges.  Here are my samples for some of what you may want to try - there are actually several choices this week.  I am drawing on the 31st so get your entries in.
As most of you know, I make a card with my layouts (almost every time) So this was a bonus card for the challenge where I used more than one of the techniques offered..YOU know that it looks like fun.. so come and play!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shout out to my Calvary Sisters

I went to a crop today at Calvary Community Church.. I love those gals.. every one of them!  I just want you girls to know you are truly amazing and I LOVE coming to crops there... I am so thankful for every one of you!  See you next month friends... BLESSINGS to each of you and thanks for blessing me... Lucky for me I got A TON of scrapping done for my challenges over at Club CK.. so be on the look out.. I have some great layouts on the way -- Thanks to my scrappy friends..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lots to share in the scrappy world

OK I found several cool places you guys need to checkout...ok so the first one..
Scrapstreet blog    They have a big give away right now too.. but even if you don't make it for the give away.. check this blog out and mark it as a favorite.. it has some super cool stuff

THEN I found this blog -- WHICH cracked me up by the way.. I love the 411 on the scrappy world.. check it out for sure!
The Paper Crafters Corner

I also have a blinking on the side bar if you need another access point for this blog.
Also pop over to Frosted Designs this week for lots of fun stuff too...
its almost the end of the month.. so get in there for great prizes!

Not to mention I put up the #4 Challenge on the Club CK board.. go check it out and play along. The prizes are fun and NEW!  Here is a link to that one
ISSUE CHALLENGE! - with great prizes
and here is a little layout I did for the challenge
OK blogging family... Have an amazing weekend!  Blessing to you all

Saturday, August 14, 2010

School Starts SOON!

Well sports fans, it's official!  I start classes on August 24th!  20 years since I have been in school and NOW I am back in the saddle!  I will be taking a couple classes to get back in the swing. Next Semester, I will be taking a more classes, but taking only a couple seemed like the right thing to do, especially since I have not been in a college setting in like 20 years. 
SO lets talk.. I have been reading several books, articles and other information on success in college. My question that I pose to you, is WHAT worked for you?  If you were not in college, that is ok.. tell my about what worked for you in High School!  Now I have taken some college; so I guess it's more like 15 years since I was in school, but it has been 20 years since I was in school seriously.
I have been toying with the idea of a photo a day while I am in school.  It is weird, now that I am aaahhh hem.. more mature, I think I will enjoy it more. School will be an important part of my life for the next several years, soooo I think I should try and record it as best I can.  Have any ideas on that?  Please share them.  Any of you that read this will know, I will keep a journal.. it's kinda my thing and I will scrapbook it.. even more my thing. Please any input on this journey I am about to undertake would be great!
OK well enough blah blah blahing for now.  Thanks for all your support!  I love my blog friends!
Blessings to each one of you and your families!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OK Chick-A-Dees new challenge

Be on the look out over at the CK board...I will be posting a new challenge for a chance to win the prizes.  I just got my September 2010 CK and I have sooooo many great challenge ideas! 
Come on over and play! 
More later oh and here is my sample layout.. it is actually a two pager!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ok Chick-A-Dee's

As you know if you are a reader of this blog.. which I would like to say thank you if you are.. "thank you"  I recently joined the Club CK Team as a Moderator.. One of the fun things about being a Moderator, is I get to come up with fun ideas for the Challenge board.. (I love that board)  SO I created a thing called the "ISSUE" Challenge.  I am going to be using the CK magazine as a leaping off point for the challenges - Then once a new issue comes out, I will be doing a drawing for a prize - NOW if you want to have more then one chance to win, just do all the challenges - YOU DO NOT have to do them all, but for each one you do, you get another chance to win. Each Challenge is worth one entry if you do multiple entries per challenge that is fine, but only one entry per challenge (not per layout)
ANYWAY.. the link to the #2 Challenge is right here:

Challenge #2 Link

You can also do the first one here:
Issue Challenge #1

You will need to post your layout in the CK Gallery.. not a big deal, and then post the link to the thread... so I can find your name to put in as an entry.  In the Drawing thread (at the end of the challenge term) I will put a list of the names and the challenges I have them entered for.  You will have ONE day to send me any corrections (if I missed a challenge you posted to) 

So really the prizes are new, not dig out of my stuff .. so I hope you enjoy and play along.. Here are the photos of the prizes. 
This round is for the JULY/AUG 2010 Issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine. That means at the end of August, I will be doing the drawing.. and GOOD LUCK!
Prize # 1

Prize #2

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


OH yeah I am home! More later on my scrapbook supplies reception!  I am sooo happy to be home.. ANYWAY and more importantly,  I wanted to post a fun layout for over at Frosted Designs... How fun a challenge to use arrows on your layout.. here is mine!
Get over there and post a layout, they have a great prize offered this month.. go check it out 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Country Road... take me home... to the place I belong...Arizona

Dear Scrapbook Supplies
Guess what.. we are heading home tomorrow!  The altitude seems to be getting the better of us. I was fighting a headache all day!  Pretty much slept almost all day.  I am never going to get to sleep tonight... but my headache feels better. Anyway, we are packing up the truck tonight and we are going to push hard to get back home tomorrow night! 
Daddy, Bradley, Zach and Uncle Mike went to the shooting range.  I think they had a great time. Daddy took funny photos of the road into the range.  I am excited to scrap them.  Anyway, I am excited to see you hopefully tomorrow night so be ready I know I will be tired but tomorrow but this weekend.. whoooo hooo baby we are back in business!
See you hopefully tomorrow.. if not tomorrow then Thursday for sure!
Goodnight looking forward to see you soon

Monday, August 2, 2010

Garden of the gods

Dear scrapbooking supplies
Guess what!?!  I was able to sleep last night!  WHAT fun!  I am so woke up and realized I actually got a full nights sleep.  ahhhh! 
This morning, I was unable to wake the family up so I got a chance to do my Bible Study... I did however feel a little sick, my tummy was upset. When Daddy woke up he was dizzy and not feeling too well... BUT we went to the Garden of the gods.  The kids actually enjoyed it.  The sun was out and it was beautiful for photo ops.  I played around some with my camera and did some color accenting it actaully made for some great photos..I can't wait to scrapbook them. You all know you have a lot of work ahead of you!
We also drove through Manitou Springs, really a beautiful town. I would love to go walking around.. but BOTH Daddy and I were not feeling good.  So we decided to come home.  When we got home, Daddy and I crashed.
Jade's birthday today, we all sang happy birthday to her on the phone.. I miss her.. and well that is all I can say without crying...
WELL I will be home soon.  Cardstock, please get in order so when I get home we can get right to work. I miss everyone at home! 
See you soon!
PS tomorrow, we go to the gun range

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hola from Colorado

Dear Scrappin Supplies -
OK so I have taken over 580 photos.. that's right. 580... and tomorrow we are going to the Garden of the Gods and a few other fun spots around Colorado Springs!  I am excited about tomorrow Daddy is making a plan.  I have not been writing too much because I have not been feeling too great. There is so much to see in Colorado Springs, I told Daddy I think we should come back another time.
So today I was very happy to be able to attend church. We went to Aunt Cindy and Uncle Mikes church. Pike Peak Christian Church. The music was wonderful and the message meaningful.  I really enjoyed it. I could see myself going to that church if I lived here. 
I am sad because tomorrow is Jade's birthday and now I am not there.  It is hard to be away from your baby on her birthday,but I suppose she is growing up... sigh.. she is doing just fine without mom around.  she really is getting older.
Well time is drawing close to the end of our vacation. To be honest, I am going to be happy to be home.  I miss my girls, my best friend, my puppy, my scrapbook supplies and my schedule. 
So I am sure I will be over 1000 photos by the time I get home... I would suggest that you stickers and embellishments get some rest, because we will be very busy when I get home! 
Good night for now
Be good and take care of the girls

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exciting NEWS

Dear Scrapbook Supplies
I am so happy to tell you that I am a moderator over on the Club CK boards!  OH and I have issued a challenge for people to get a chance to win a prize!  It is here...
ISSUE Challenge #1

So anyway, I had a little trouble with my internet/PdANet I was not able to get internet, it was so sad!! I have gotten it fixed now that I have internet access in FENTON, MO. 
Hey did you know I was born in MO?  Yeah it's true. SO I have been taking lots of photos, We had an interesting storm and it looked really cool from a half mile away.  SO I got great photos of that. 

OH I also got some cool photos of the Mighty Mississippi!  we have seen a lot today.  We decided taking the freeway is NO WAY to see the countryside, so we have been taking State Routes and side road and are weaving our way back across the country.  IT IS AMAZING to see all the "small town America" out there.. Such beautiful homes and farms.  I am just awe-struck.  We had to find our way to Fenton to find a place to sleep tonight and after an exhustive search, we have found a place!  (obviously with internet.. since my PdANet is now working again)
ANYWAY, I want the journal spots to know, I am going to be using you up and OH journaling pens, you really need to be working out while I am gone, because I have a lot for you to do!  Enjoy your vacation too because WE have a lot of work to do when I get home!
OH did you girls enjoy Ms Joni's visit today?  She told me you were all being very good!  Thank you for being such wonderful supplies!  OH she did tell me too that my Studio Calico was trying to get out of the box... I just want you to know, I will be getting you out when I get home so please don't get all mixed up while I am gone.. OH and tell the Basic Grey I will have a special treat for them when I get home!
OK be good, Keep a loving eye on the girls- and no tossing ink pads again ok! 
See you soon!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Return to Sender?!?

Dear Scrapbook supplies,
I wrote you a very long letter and it was sent back -- return to sender.  Sadly, it seems the internet did not want to share with you my letter.  Therefore, I will be forced to write you a shorter note, due to my physical exhaustion! 
SO in my last unposted letter I told you all about the Adventure Science Center in which we got in free and Daddy and I climbed to the top of the kids tower.. which as it turned out was further up then we thought... and a lot smaller space then we first reckoned.  ANYWAY we made it and the kids had fun playing the germ game in which Daddy and my team whooped Brad and Ally's. Well maybe not whooped, but we won. We also had fun watching the kids in the BLUE MAX... I can't wait to show you the video and photos from our day there.
I also mentioned about the day before that when we went on the walking tour of downtown  Nashville... the buildings were very cool and we even saw a building that was called "Phoenix"  we loved the Nashville library, the grand reading room.. well Allison decided we will be stealing that and bringing it back to Phoenix. 
Yesterday, was mine and Daddy's 16th Wedding anniversary and we went out to dinner and then Daddy took the kids to see the movie Inception.  I stayed home because of some issues that were going on that required Dave or I to be here, so I volunteered. 
Today, Daddy and I drove around for a bit (he slept in very late) and then Grandpa took us all to Steak and Shake.. one of my favorite places.. I mean besides the scrapbook store.. now don't get excited, I love the scrap store! 
Daddy and I also decided check out downtown Nashville on a Saturday night. Well we were a little disappointed, it was kind of like a dirty Las Vegas, and it was kind of heartbreaking for us to see all these beautiful girls exposing themselves.. anyway, it was an experience and I am glad we went. The lights were cool and we saw a lot of horse drawn carriages all interesting, lots of country music... (duh) 
So anyway, I tried to make it short but alas, there is a lot I skipped.  We are having fun and will probably pull out of TN on Tuesday. 
NOW I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of the pattern paper.  I recieved reports that you were mixing well together.  I heard that the Jillibean and Little Yellow Bicycle were actually mixing it up!  I am so proud and what a great example you set... Now I konw Cosmo has been working on working with other papers and it is nice to see the rest of you following along.  Keep up the great work.  I am hoping to bring home some friends for you to play with.. (hehehehehe)
Please be good and know I am taking lots of photos so we will be very busy! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Buildings and Air Conditioners (not in that order)

My very dear scrapbook supplies,

I know it, I know you thought I would write sooner.. well I would have but you see, the place we are staying now (grandpa's house) has air conditioning... and simply put, I slept in today!  It was great because I had not had much sleep and was really tired.. anyway when I woke up, Daddy decided we needed a little adventure, so we headed to downtown Nashville to find the visitor center!  We found it (Thanks to GPS-- no that doesn't mean Glue Paper Scissors-- it is Global Positioning System)  and we gathered a bunch of information for tomorrow.  We also walked around a bit and saw and photographed many old beautiful buildings. Yes, I took the photos so you and I would be able to play when I get home!  Anyway- our discovery that air conditioning in the south is vital to living has cause a bit of unrest among the children. You know they did not complain one time the whole time we were in the hot box known as Alma Arkansas but now they are whining a bit about the heat. OH well, Daddy has a way to stop that!  He told them they can't have the iTunes cards we got them -- that changed the tune... (haha yeah I know it was a bad pun) 
Anyway, I hope you all are being good and that the stickers are adhereing to the rules of play while I am away... I will take more photos for you tomorrow so we can be busy as can be when I get home.. Oh and can you send a note to Joni, John and Joe and tell them we miss them.. Hug the girls and puppies for me... See you soon! 
OH I am hoping for some exciting news tomorrow..if it comes, I will write you all about it.  I know it will be later because we are going to tour downtown Nashville tomorrow, maybe even do a tour of the state capitol!  Cool huh?  Good Night!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Good morning

Dear Scrapbook supplies,
Alas, I am still missing you terribly but I am sure you will be excited to see all the photos I have been taking.  I admit.  I did not sleep hardly at all last night but not because I missed you but because it was so humid... I am soo happy my beautiful pattern paper that you are not here with me, you will get all wrinkly.. and moist.  I think my skin likes the weather though. I will say this the country side in the more rural part of Arkansas is beautiful  I kind of understand why people would live here but NOT camp in the summer (hahaha)  Did I mention that I am spoiled to the NO humidity!  I keep looking up from my keyboard and am just awed at how lush and green everything is.  It also seems that as we drive we pass through some cute little towns and see cute little country churches and some gorgous farms with stunning homes I really like the red brick homes and the white fencelines.  I know you wish you could see the countryside.  We are currently driving by some woods... Dave commented on how dense the woods are.. I agree it is super thick with trees, but I don't think I would want to get lost in there..
OK well I just wanted to check in with my brads and eyelets. Oh all my little fun goodies.  Be nice to eachother until I get home to play... Oh and stickers behave ok...
I will check in a little later.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Scrapbook supplies...

Dear Scrapbook Supplies,
I miss you!  I have been gone two full days now.. sigh, the good news is I am out making those memories we need so we can be together. 
We did some really neat stuff today, we saw Cadallic Ranch and the largest cross in the western hemisphere.  We also drove a lot but took some photos.  We arrived at our tent site and realized we had a bad plan. So we are changing gears, and are taking plan B... which will make for a great layout.  Anyway, I miss you my little embellishments... have a good night, I will be sweating in Alma Arkansas  and 110% SURE  I will never do tent camping in Arkansas in the summer again!  OH did I mention how lucky you are that you are in a dry heat?  OH yeah don't ever complain about that again! 
Good night my friends, take care of eachother while I am "back east" 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seriously... Merit Badges.. and PRIZES

The bus to camp is pulled in now get on and get over there and have some fun and win a prize or two


Here are my badges so far

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New fun layout for you and a budget idea as well

OK so a few things to share.. One I put this layout up for a fun challenge over at Club CK -- A vacation write-- I wrote my journaling from the perspective of my bike -- which you can see the speech bubble is pointing toward.  Anyway in the process of this I realized that on the "marketing coversheet" for Cosmo Cricket, they put mini images of the product inside; duh..and I just realized this today--NO, but I thought maybe someone else needs this fun little bit of info too. See I wanted the background paper to pop up a little but I didn't want it to NOT show the little arrows and I thought to myself.

"Hey, self.. look at those mini images, the arrows are little.. you can cut those out and use those"  then I turned to myself and continued my conversation

"Hey self, look there are mini images of the stickers that are in this craft kit too!  you should use those too!"
"Good idea self, thanks"
"Oh, you know what, you should tell the other scrappers out there that may not have thought of that"
"Yeah but most of them have I am sure"
"but one may not.. just put it out there ok"
So now that you can hear inside my head you can take this little fun tip if you need it, pass it on, or leave it here cause you already know it!
ANYWAY, I thank you for popping in!  Hop over to CK and join the Summer Camp this year.  I understand they are giving away a lot of good stuff..

Friday, July 2, 2010

The real thing baby

OK here is the first of the "graduation" layouts I am sure will be coming along.  I know it may not look like a graduation layout.. because of the lack of black and gold and cap and gown.. but believe me.. if you are from Hawaii.. THIS is what a real graduation layout would look like! So these were a few of the photos I tool of Jade all decked out in her graduation leis!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back in Phoenix

Well I am back in Phoenix, and this is how Rolland looked when I left. I was happy to see him up and sitting in his chair when I came into the room.  He looks great huh? I sure think so... of course I saw him when he looked a lot worse!  ANYWAY  I am back and emotionally this was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I loved being there with my brother but leaving about broke MY heart.  I felt so helpless when he was not recovering at the rate in which I thought he would.  I pushed a lot of emotions down because I didn't want to project them onto him.  He is up and walking around with out his walker now which is amazing!  He is a very strong person.  A lot stronger then HE thinks he is.  He also gave me a great inspiration while I was there and I can't wait to share it with everyone. It will take a little while, but I am totally excited to get my new project done!  So coming home has been a bit rough for me. Not only do I want to be there to help Rolland recover, and of course make fun of him as he is walking down the hallways but telling him his robe is open and the world can see his bum; but I have also had some realities about myself and my health and my well my person.. that need to be re-evaluated.  SO I am beginning a life journey I think... something that will change who I am and make me a better person, perhaps more considerate of others and sensitive to the needs of my friends, family and even strangers.  Perhaps I will come out of this a better person!  SO I suppose that is thanks to my brother!  (shhh don't tell him though his head is already big enough!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Beautiful city.. I can't wait to come back and sight see... I will update my blog next week as I am here in the Emerald City with my brother while he is recovering from heart surgery!
He has had many set backs.. but I don't want you all to think I had abandon you!  I will be back home next week and then I will fill you in on all the new goings on!

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ever have a blah day?

Well this morning started out that way.  I think it was because, believe it or not, I slept in.  I have been battling the blues a little and sleeping in always makes it worse.  SO I thought maybe that I need to scrapbook to feel better, but I look at my laundry and my kitchen and family room and bedroom not to mention the bathrooms, and I say how on earth can I get away with scrapbooking. SOOO I started the dishwasher and laundry.  I came in my office and checked email and the CK Boards.. (which two of my topics were chosen for highlight in the weekly goings on at CK Boards -whoo-hoo) I actually feeling a little better-- I think I just needed to get moving in some way.. so here I am typing out my feelings on my blog.. I think it is true, writting stuff down makes some people feel better... I do.. so thanks for reading :o)  ANYWAY, here is a layout I did the other day and I don't really love it.. it's ok.. but nothing special.. other than I love the photos :oD!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Missing Brad...

SO it was pointed out to me that I scrapbook people when they are out of town.. A LOT.. Last night I scrapbooked this layout it has a note from 2003 that Bradley left on my desk.  I am missing him because he is in Washington DC!  He has been texting me and being so wonderful.. He doesn't even realize how much his text and I miss you toos mean to a mommy.. so this layout has a hidden journaling tag behind the photo and it reads:
There are days when being a mom is really hard- You wonder if you're messing up-- if your kids will be ok--If, If, If-- the constant nagging in the back of your mind
Then there are days like March 16, 2003 -- When you feel blessed and treasured by simply finding a little note on your desk- left by a very special little boy.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


SOOO far my wonderful hubby has given me a gift everyday for the month of June!  I am SOOO blessed.  He knows how much I love my birthday month!  He is a great hubby! 
SO my friend Joni made me an amazing card!  and best of all she let me have Joe for the day!  That was the real present!  He is so adorable!  I am going to go to the mall later and go to the game store!  More Birthday fun!

OK well Everyone pray for my big brother.. he is needing some prayer for health issues!

Friday, June 4, 2010

OH YEAH that's right.. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY

OK someone posted this beautiful cake.. it is not one that was made for me.. but I thought it was pretty and it is my birthday soooo I snagged it..

SOOOOO yes  it's my birthday!  I am off to get ready to meet my sister for lunch, then out to Mesa for some scrapbook stuff.. and then off to pick my mom up from the airport. 
Happy day!  I don't know if you know this, but THIS (second only to Christmas) IS MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR!
I have always loved my birthday.. and this one is NO different!
happy happy dance!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Honored to be chosen

Bradley was chosen from among the student attending to be one of the four students that will be placing the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  He was so excited, and a bit humbled I think at that very thought.  His teachers said the essay was beautifully written and showed how much respect Bradley has for the freedom he is able to enjoy because of those that have fallen in battle.  He just smiled!  I am so happy for him because I know this is something he really wanted to do!  So he will be in Washington DC next week and I know this will be a highlight for him! I look forward to the photos of HIM doing this incredible honor! 
I am proud of you SON! 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My baby graduated today

It is bittersweet.  I am so excited to know she is growing up to be such a strong, vibrant woman.  My heart was beating so fast when I saw her walk out in that cap and gown.  I just reflected back to when she was just a little (I use that term loosly) newborn.  It was 3 am.. I was holding her and their was a Bryan Adams song on the radio, I just remember looking down at her now sleeping littlness saying to her.. "I know I will blink and I will be at your high school graduation"  Today... I was.. it was just a blink.. I just remember those beautiful little hands, sweet little lips that I was so blessed to be able to smooch good-night, her super tight hugs, watching her grow from a little girl that could not go anywhere without her pink dollie.. to this amazing, confident young woman... reflection comes too soon.. While I miss that little angel that snuggled close for each and every story time.. that silly smile she still gives me that smile when I want a picture (I guess some things will never change)-- I so look forward to seeing her move up and into a world that had better brace itself... SHE is going to take it by storm.. my beautiful little Hawaiian Princess! I love you sweetheart.. more than you will EVER know!  

Brad's Promotion!

As promised, here are some photos from Brads promotion.. He did so great. He played in the band he got to play his solo again.. which made me happy.  I love how he loves to play that solo... it's amazing!  He also was recognized for NJHS and the Presidents Award for Academic Acheivement.  He is such a great kid... I really am proud to be his mom