Thursday, May 27, 2010

My baby graduated today

It is bittersweet.  I am so excited to know she is growing up to be such a strong, vibrant woman.  My heart was beating so fast when I saw her walk out in that cap and gown.  I just reflected back to when she was just a little (I use that term loosly) newborn.  It was 3 am.. I was holding her and their was a Bryan Adams song on the radio, I just remember looking down at her now sleeping littlness saying to her.. "I know I will blink and I will be at your high school graduation"  Today... I was.. it was just a blink.. I just remember those beautiful little hands, sweet little lips that I was so blessed to be able to smooch good-night, her super tight hugs, watching her grow from a little girl that could not go anywhere without her pink dollie.. to this amazing, confident young woman... reflection comes too soon.. While I miss that little angel that snuggled close for each and every story time.. that silly smile she still gives me that smile when I want a picture (I guess some things will never change)-- I so look forward to seeing her move up and into a world that had better brace itself... SHE is going to take it by storm.. my beautiful little Hawaiian Princess! I love you sweetheart.. more than you will EVER know!  

Brad's Promotion!

As promised, here are some photos from Brads promotion.. He did so great. He played in the band he got to play his solo again.. which made me happy.  I love how he loves to play that solo... it's amazing!  He also was recognized for NJHS and the Presidents Award for Academic Acheivement.  He is such a great kid... I really am proud to be his mom

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

8th grade Promotion

Well it is late so I will have to upload the photos tomorrow, but my little man promoted to High School tonight.... I am so proud of him!  He is so awesome.. ok I am tired... goodnight

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Evening PIE! Happy Birthday Daddy

OK here is the final update of Daddy's birthday... You will see all kinds of PIE.. Pizza being his favorite food, I made him two yummy pizzas and a cherry pie (He doesn't like cake)  Here is daddy's evening in a quick glance.. NOTE the nap was by far the most important part of the evening!

Update on Daddy's day

Here is a little of what Daddy's birthday has been so far. He and Mommy have spent all day just working together. We had to move some appliances for some clients so we borrowed a trailer from Papa and we set off for Sun City.  Jade and Casey joined us to help and then we decided it was a great idea to take Daddy out for lunch!  SO we took him to Famous Daves.. I think Daddy has been playing along pretty darn well considering I keep taking photos of him.. More to come.. we still have dinner, his "cake" which is actually cherry pie.. and PRESENTS!! whooo--Hoooooo..
OK more later... OH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY Daddy's Birthday

I will be updating about Daddy's birthday all day long I am sure.  Here is what we did for him so far... Let him sleep in and everyone was a quite as a mouse.  We put up birtday signs all over the house... and we hid a few in places so he will find them all day long.  We got his presents wrapped an waiting for everyone to be home.  I am taking him to breakfast or lunch.. hey maybe both... and then we will see... More to come with photos of the birthday boy.. when he gets up! 

Friday, May 21, 2010

My life...right now

OK so I stood up and took several pictures of what was happening in my life right now.. funny.. but it was kind of neat!  So here it what has happened in my life in the last hour!

Planning Vacation 2010

Ok so you know me and my hair-brianed ideas.. So I am now planning on driving across country with my hubby and 2 of our kids.. CAMPING the whole way.. ohhh what am I getting myself into...LOL.. Well... I have found out --I think it will be a blast.. and the best part.. We are getting a good enough jump on the planning that we are actually going to make RSVPs at campsites.. totally stoked! Off to do more research.. LIKE did you know The worlds largest pecan is in Brunswick,MO... yeah well you do now!  all this and much more usless but entertaining information coming next on my blog! LOL I can't wait to scrapbook this stuff!

Friday, May 14, 2010

New DT Layout for Frosted Design

The assignment.. rainbow... I love how it came out ! This photo of Jasmine has been hanging in my office for a long time. I have wanted to make a layout that was beautiful with it. Well this challenge came out just as I wanted it to... I personally really like it.. mostly because it says what Jasmine is.. beautiful... and it focuses on that.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here's a little something I am working on

So here is a little something I am working on today. It came out a lot better than I thought it would.. So NOW I am thinking I may make several more. This is a super easy block! I finished it sooo fast. I mean it is all chain stitched. SUPER DOUPER fast block too...I wonder if I can run up to the store and get a little more fabric so I can make more..Perhaps it will actually make itself into a quilt. When you line these up they are really pretty too!

Friday, May 7, 2010

NSD Wrap up

OK sooo I don't really have many people reading, but this blog is more like a personal journal. SO My NSD (national Scrapbook Day) was great. I did an online crop at Club CK and won a $100 gift certificate to an online scrap store called TwoPeasInABucket. (The layout about visiting my Dad in TN) I also got a TON of layouts done. By about 5pm I was pooped, so I finished and did not get all the challenge sketches done, BUT I did get a lot done.. I also completed a few layouts that I submitted to CK for calls and a few cards for PC calls. I then made this layout about my day so I could enter it into even another contest.. so here it is.. NSD2010... a complete success!

On the layout above, I used a bunch of scraps from the layouts I created on NSD to make this fun frame for the photo

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I won! Over at the CK NSD cyber crop with the layout of my dad (see below) I actually won! WHOOO-HOOO I get to go shoppin over at TwoPeasinaBucket! Sooo excited!

Well I am off to browse !

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cute idea

Ok this is from the CK NSD blog post about organizing your stickers.. super cute idea.. I am gonna give it a try..
here is the link if you need more information!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Couple more Layout from NSD

Okey dokey.. here is what I finshed up with.. Im tired.. so this is about all I got! I may start another, but I doubt I will get it done if I do! Over all probably the most productive day I have had in a while

NSD: Layout number 3

Ok this was a sketch at CK Blog-- but it was a two pager.. I don't really do two page layouts so I made it my own.. It was actually a very good sketch as a one pager too- I just scaled it down to one page.. anywhooo the reason I like this so much I think is because it has my dad on it.. so here it is!

NSD: Layout Number 2

SOO here is a blast from the past.. yes those are photos of ME! A senior in High School and so ready for the world... Boy was I in for a surprise...

NSD (National Scrapbook Day!) IS HERE

Ok so I am doing a cyber crop over at Club CK. They are doing a sketch an hour.. I have done one and I am about to start #2... I hope you can pop over and check it out.. here is my first sketch.