Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exciting NEWS

Dear Scrapbook Supplies
I am so happy to tell you that I am a moderator over on the Club CK boards!  OH and I have issued a challenge for people to get a chance to win a prize!  It is here...
ISSUE Challenge #1

So anyway, I had a little trouble with my internet/PdANet I was not able to get internet, it was so sad!! I have gotten it fixed now that I have internet access in FENTON, MO. 
Hey did you know I was born in MO?  Yeah it's true. SO I have been taking lots of photos, We had an interesting storm and it looked really cool from a half mile away.  SO I got great photos of that. 

OH I also got some cool photos of the Mighty Mississippi!  we have seen a lot today.  We decided taking the freeway is NO WAY to see the countryside, so we have been taking State Routes and side road and are weaving our way back across the country.  IT IS AMAZING to see all the "small town America" out there.. Such beautiful homes and farms.  I am just awe-struck.  We had to find our way to Fenton to find a place to sleep tonight and after an exhustive search, we have found a place!  (obviously with internet.. since my PdANet is now working again)
ANYWAY, I want the journal spots to know, I am going to be using you up and OH journaling pens, you really need to be working out while I am gone, because I have a lot for you to do!  Enjoy your vacation too because WE have a lot of work to do when I get home!
OH did you girls enjoy Ms Joni's visit today?  She told me you were all being very good!  Thank you for being such wonderful supplies!  OH she did tell me too that my Studio Calico was trying to get out of the box... I just want you to know, I will be getting you out when I get home so please don't get all mixed up while I am gone.. OH and tell the Basic Grey I will have a special treat for them when I get home!
OK be good, Keep a loving eye on the girls- and no tossing ink pads again ok! 
See you soon!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Return to Sender?!?

Dear Scrapbook supplies,
I wrote you a very long letter and it was sent back -- return to sender.  Sadly, it seems the internet did not want to share with you my letter.  Therefore, I will be forced to write you a shorter note, due to my physical exhaustion! 
SO in my last unposted letter I told you all about the Adventure Science Center in which we got in free and Daddy and I climbed to the top of the kids tower.. which as it turned out was further up then we thought... and a lot smaller space then we first reckoned.  ANYWAY we made it and the kids had fun playing the germ game in which Daddy and my team whooped Brad and Ally's. Well maybe not whooped, but we won. We also had fun watching the kids in the BLUE MAX... I can't wait to show you the video and photos from our day there.
I also mentioned about the day before that when we went on the walking tour of downtown  Nashville... the buildings were very cool and we even saw a building that was called "Phoenix"  we loved the Nashville library, the grand reading room.. well Allison decided we will be stealing that and bringing it back to Phoenix. 
Yesterday, was mine and Daddy's 16th Wedding anniversary and we went out to dinner and then Daddy took the kids to see the movie Inception.  I stayed home because of some issues that were going on that required Dave or I to be here, so I volunteered. 
Today, Daddy and I drove around for a bit (he slept in very late) and then Grandpa took us all to Steak and Shake.. one of my favorite places.. I mean besides the scrapbook store.. now don't get excited, I love the scrap store! 
Daddy and I also decided check out downtown Nashville on a Saturday night. Well we were a little disappointed, it was kind of like a dirty Las Vegas, and it was kind of heartbreaking for us to see all these beautiful girls exposing themselves.. anyway, it was an experience and I am glad we went. The lights were cool and we saw a lot of horse drawn carriages all interesting, lots of country music... (duh) 
So anyway, I tried to make it short but alas, there is a lot I skipped.  We are having fun and will probably pull out of TN on Tuesday. 
NOW I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of the pattern paper.  I recieved reports that you were mixing well together.  I heard that the Jillibean and Little Yellow Bicycle were actually mixing it up!  I am so proud and what a great example you set... Now I konw Cosmo has been working on working with other papers and it is nice to see the rest of you following along.  Keep up the great work.  I am hoping to bring home some friends for you to play with.. (hehehehehe)
Please be good and know I am taking lots of photos so we will be very busy! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Buildings and Air Conditioners (not in that order)

My very dear scrapbook supplies,

I know it, I know you thought I would write sooner.. well I would have but you see, the place we are staying now (grandpa's house) has air conditioning... and simply put, I slept in today!  It was great because I had not had much sleep and was really tired.. anyway when I woke up, Daddy decided we needed a little adventure, so we headed to downtown Nashville to find the visitor center!  We found it (Thanks to GPS-- no that doesn't mean Glue Paper Scissors-- it is Global Positioning System)  and we gathered a bunch of information for tomorrow.  We also walked around a bit and saw and photographed many old beautiful buildings. Yes, I took the photos so you and I would be able to play when I get home!  Anyway- our discovery that air conditioning in the south is vital to living has cause a bit of unrest among the children. You know they did not complain one time the whole time we were in the hot box known as Alma Arkansas but now they are whining a bit about the heat. OH well, Daddy has a way to stop that!  He told them they can't have the iTunes cards we got them -- that changed the tune... (haha yeah I know it was a bad pun) 
Anyway, I hope you all are being good and that the stickers are adhereing to the rules of play while I am away... I will take more photos for you tomorrow so we can be busy as can be when I get home.. Oh and can you send a note to Joni, John and Joe and tell them we miss them.. Hug the girls and puppies for me... See you soon! 
OH I am hoping for some exciting news tomorrow..if it comes, I will write you all about it.  I know it will be later because we are going to tour downtown Nashville tomorrow, maybe even do a tour of the state capitol!  Cool huh?  Good Night!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Good morning

Dear Scrapbook supplies,
Alas, I am still missing you terribly but I am sure you will be excited to see all the photos I have been taking.  I admit.  I did not sleep hardly at all last night but not because I missed you but because it was so humid... I am soo happy my beautiful pattern paper that you are not here with me, you will get all wrinkly.. and moist.  I think my skin likes the weather though. I will say this the country side in the more rural part of Arkansas is beautiful  I kind of understand why people would live here but NOT camp in the summer (hahaha)  Did I mention that I am spoiled to the NO humidity!  I keep looking up from my keyboard and am just awed at how lush and green everything is.  It also seems that as we drive we pass through some cute little towns and see cute little country churches and some gorgous farms with stunning homes I really like the red brick homes and the white fencelines.  I know you wish you could see the countryside.  We are currently driving by some woods... Dave commented on how dense the woods are.. I agree it is super thick with trees, but I don't think I would want to get lost in there..
OK well I just wanted to check in with my brads and eyelets. Oh all my little fun goodies.  Be nice to eachother until I get home to play... Oh and stickers behave ok...
I will check in a little later.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Scrapbook supplies...

Dear Scrapbook Supplies,
I miss you!  I have been gone two full days now.. sigh, the good news is I am out making those memories we need so we can be together. 
We did some really neat stuff today, we saw Cadallic Ranch and the largest cross in the western hemisphere.  We also drove a lot but took some photos.  We arrived at our tent site and realized we had a bad plan. So we are changing gears, and are taking plan B... which will make for a great layout.  Anyway, I miss you my little embellishments... have a good night, I will be sweating in Alma Arkansas  and 110% SURE  I will never do tent camping in Arkansas in the summer again!  OH did I mention how lucky you are that you are in a dry heat?  OH yeah don't ever complain about that again! 
Good night my friends, take care of eachother while I am "back east" 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seriously... Merit Badges.. and PRIZES

The bus to camp is pulled in now get on and get over there and have some fun and win a prize or two


Here are my badges so far

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New fun layout for you and a budget idea as well

OK so a few things to share.. One I put this layout up for a fun challenge over at Club CK -- A vacation write-- I wrote my journaling from the perspective of my bike -- which you can see the speech bubble is pointing toward.  Anyway in the process of this I realized that on the "marketing coversheet" for Cosmo Cricket, they put mini images of the product inside; duh..and I just realized this today--NO, but I thought maybe someone else needs this fun little bit of info too. See I wanted the background paper to pop up a little but I didn't want it to NOT show the little arrows and I thought to myself.

"Hey, self.. look at those mini images, the arrows are little.. you can cut those out and use those"  then I turned to myself and continued my conversation

"Hey self, look there are mini images of the stickers that are in this craft kit too!  you should use those too!"
"Good idea self, thanks"
"Oh, you know what, you should tell the other scrappers out there that may not have thought of that"
"Yeah but most of them have I am sure"
"but one may not.. just put it out there ok"
So now that you can hear inside my head you can take this little fun tip if you need it, pass it on, or leave it here cause you already know it!
ANYWAY, I thank you for popping in!  Hop over to CK and join the Summer Camp this year.  I understand they are giving away a lot of good stuff..

Friday, July 2, 2010

The real thing baby

OK here is the first of the "graduation" layouts I am sure will be coming along.  I know it may not look like a graduation layout.. because of the lack of black and gold and cap and gown.. but believe me.. if you are from Hawaii.. THIS is what a real graduation layout would look like! So these were a few of the photos I tool of Jade all decked out in her graduation leis!