Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bare with me as I re-build

Well I have indeed officially tried everything to recover my old blog..( BUT alas, it is not able to be well revived... for lack of a better word.

SO I am tring to rebuild some of what I had on there.. the good thing is I have learned a few things since starting my life in blogland... so hopefully this will be a better blog.

If you know anyone that did follow my old blog please help me pass on the word about my lost blog. I have Blog Candy up right now and am not 100% sure how to let those girls know who was picked.
I will pick the winner tonight so if you want, add a comment here. Become a follower only if you want to!

Have great day and please, bare with me!



  1. Sorry to hear about your blog. :(

  2. Good luck rebuilding, sorry that your blog died. Thanks for you comments.

  3. I'm so loving the new blog! Sweetie, you know I'll follow you, if go to the moon!
    Kim xXx