Thursday, May 27, 2010

My baby graduated today

It is bittersweet.  I am so excited to know she is growing up to be such a strong, vibrant woman.  My heart was beating so fast when I saw her walk out in that cap and gown.  I just reflected back to when she was just a little (I use that term loosly) newborn.  It was 3 am.. I was holding her and their was a Bryan Adams song on the radio, I just remember looking down at her now sleeping littlness saying to her.. "I know I will blink and I will be at your high school graduation"  Today... I was.. it was just a blink.. I just remember those beautiful little hands, sweet little lips that I was so blessed to be able to smooch good-night, her super tight hugs, watching her grow from a little girl that could not go anywhere without her pink dollie.. to this amazing, confident young woman... reflection comes too soon.. While I miss that little angel that snuggled close for each and every story time.. that silly smile she still gives me that smile when I want a picture (I guess some things will never change)-- I so look forward to seeing her move up and into a world that had better brace itself... SHE is going to take it by storm.. my beautiful little Hawaiian Princess! I love you sweetheart.. more than you will EVER know!  


  1. Well, those words can just be printed out and put right onto a scrapbook page!!! She is so beautiful... You'll have to tell me all about it. Love the Lei's... Congrats to Jade!!

  2. Look forward to seeing the LO on these photos Erika! My DD is 8 & as I was reading your post I let out a big sigh, for I know the same will ring true for me once that day comes!

  3. Yes, just print and scrap! She is beautiful and you know she has a bright and successful future ahead of her!
    Kim xXx