Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super easy Pleated Flowers!

So my ISSUE Challenge has a fun pleated challenge and I really like this fun easy way to make them.. so first, here is the layout and card from the ISSUE Challenge this week and then you will find the "how-to" make the flowers.

How to make a pleated flower (the lazy way)

On this week’s ISSUE challenge, I made a paper flower. I was inspired by Scrapbook Circle’s photo of January’s kit. I then went on the internet to find how to make the fun paper flowers. The instructions were a bit difficult for me… I have big hands so holding little tiny things and gluing them all at the same time can be let’s say, difficult. SO I made my paper pleated flowers a in a little different way. They seemed easier to make them this way so this is how I made mine!

1. Cut a strip of paper about anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 x 10 inches(depending on how big you want your flower)

2. Mark every .5 inches and score

3. Accordion fold the scored sections

4. Using a paper piercer, make a hole in the center of your strip ( I wiggle it around a little to make the hole a little larger – Beware: you don’t want the hole to be too large)

5. Using Floss or Invisible Thread, secure the center of your flower by stitching through the hole and around the folded flower

6. Add adhesive to both sides of the strip

7. Adhere sides to one another

8. Fluff your flower pleats.

9. Add a brad or button or whatever for the center of the flower

10. Optional, you can always lay your paper flower on a “paper flower” and get great definition.

Well I hope that was easy peasy lemon squeezy for you!  They sure are easy and a lot of fun!
Be blessed!


  1. Erika, Thanks so much for sharing this tip!! I just tried it for a flower accent to use on one of my lo's tomorrow night at our church crop. much easier than the way I had been trying to do it! :)