Saturday, February 12, 2011

OUTSIDE the box

As a scrapbooker, you should, in my opinion, constantly challenge yourself to try new things.  I do that as often as I can.  So one thing that bugs me about my self, is I tend to stay true to the BRIGHT colors mixed with a nice neutral....
SO I get a couple kits everymonth one of which is Scrapbook Circle. I find Lisa has similiar taste as I do, BUT she keeps great balance.  IN this months kit are some more "vintage" looking colors (not only vintage) but she mixed in a line I have been drooling over (Hopscotch- Basic Grey)  NOW when I set out to create this layout, I was all about highlighting the Hopscotch,what happened is because I challenged myself to use products from the KIT, I ended up with the fun layout. I love it because I was able to scrap a photo of me when I was little... SO enjoy and step outside your normal choices-- colors, style, whatever, OH and check out Scrapbook Circle right here

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  1. OMG....LOVE this photo!! Your journaling is so cute! I enjoyed reading these things about my bf!! Oh..I really like your layout too!! xo