Friday, March 19, 2010

Snow Way

OK so we went up north to a friends cabin to spend the day in the snow... I planned on taking my best friends 6 year old son with us but ended up not working out. NOW that we are back, I am kinda happy cause he would have been BORED... first off we were witnesses to a car accident and that took about 1 1/2 hours of our morning trip to Munds Park waiting for the police to show up so we could give our witness statements. THEN when we got there the snow was so deep we may have lost him in the snow. We lost Ally's shoe it took almost 45 minutes to find it. THE SNOW was DEEP I was really surprised at how much snow there was. I am uploading a few photos to show the snow it was so pretty, so deep, oh and SOOO cold!

Picture #1 - Waiting for DPS to take our statements.. what a blessing no one was killed... trust me it was scary to watch this happen!
Picture#2 - Ally after losing her shoe.. which I would like to also note..MOMMY found it with a snow shovle and determination
Picture #3 - Jade (almost 5'11') up to her hip in snow.
Picture #4 - Mommy holding back the avalanche (hahahah)
Have a great day!
I love that I live in a place that I can be in 75 degree weather in the morning then 2 hours later I can be playing in the snow and then back to the valley and beautiful evening weather. Gotta love that about Arizona!

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