Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a little thought: Thinking Through Design -- the power of lines

Welcome back! I am happy this week to present to you : Thinking Through Design… principles of the power of lines.

Let’s talk about lines…. I am not talking the rule of thirds lines… which we can always discuss later, but most people know about the rule of thirds… I want to talk about lines… plain ole’ lines. The power they hold and how you can use them effectively.

LINES are funny little things, they really can create havoc if you don’t pay attention to them. SO let me share with you about lines.

Here is some basic information about what LINES convey: (for this post I will primary discuss vertical and horizontal lines. I will later share about curved lines.

SO when you are using lines it is vital, yes vital to understand that you are going to direct the viewer’s eye to the elements you place on a line. Often when coupled with good color choice, a paper artist can very effectively create a balance on his or her work by “working the lines”

In the layout you notice a great deal of lines are in play. Remember horizontal lines are peaceful and grounding. I maintained visual consistency (see previous post) with my choice to keep my horizontal lines in play. All the elements are grounded with a line. This brings up the “Z” form of design *which is a simple principle that most artist use unknowingly and effectively*. In English, we read from left to right, this creates a power of line, by using a natural eye movement; you can manipulate the lines they create to your advantage. By recognizing that I want my reader to READ my quote prior to really viewing the photos, I have placed it before the photos on the “Z” the quote gives a tickle or feel about what my “secret” may be. I placed the journaling under the photos on another line that is “grounding” those same photos. That line is very important so it stands alone. We will discuss the typography another day but there is a major purpose behind the size of that font.

IF you want to emphasize a photo or a journaling section, or the title is what you want to POP place it on a line. Literally, use your patterned paper, or trim of some sort to draw the eye right into your element. REMEMBER: vertical and horizontal lines create stability, BUT you must use them in equal proportion correctly apply that principle. In other words, don’t use a fire red,thick vertical line and a soft, thin pink horizontal line… that will cause the vertical line to take even MORE dominance!

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  1. Good tutorial Erika. Lines really play into design, particularly in scrapbooking!