Friday, December 30, 2011


SO I had this idea when I was looking for a needle! SO I decided to create a notions book to keep on my desk. I made a pocket on one of the pages and also will attach some buttons and what nots for quick access with I am out scrapping or quilting somewhere! It  was really easy-- just a simple book with felt pages.  I must give credit where it was due, my mom actually was the reason I was able to pull this off, she had the pinking shears that I needed.  THANKS MOM.. anyway here is what I made last night!

All I did was cut four pages from felt and wrapped a strip of fabric around the back and stitched them up to make the guts of the book, then hole punched and grommetted the covers and used bakers twine and ribbon to secure the book together.. I was going to use library rings to bind it but the triple twine looked cuter!

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