Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NEW Challenges!

Well it promises to be a great new year!  As I began my prep for the ISSUE Challenge this week I was given a new direction by Missy Mojo-- she totally inspired the fun I had exploring feelings.  I have had these photos for several years and while I wanted them scrapped I couldn't find the way that I felt was "right"  I wanted a light-hearted approach to my daughters temper tantrum (they all have them right)  so when I was moving through the pages of the magazine toward the page that I had earmarked as the challenge, I flipped to page 52 and it had a great "feeling" chart and list,which CK generously made a free download.(you can get the downloads here) I really had FUN creating this layout! 

I really beleive it is important to use this amazing craft of ours to record all our memories, good, bad, happy, sad, silly, or melancholy-- this weeks challenge is to get you thinking about that. It is also the FIRST ISSUE challenge of the year--I know it's not 2012 YET, but it will be by next Wednesday! 

With the challenges I have planned for 2012 NOW would be a great time to get started on some serious scrapping.. if you decide to play the ISSUE Challenge you will complete 52 layouts this year if you add those 52 to the Thanks Living Challenges (which are going to be AMAZING-- I have already planned them out and have some great stuff ready to share with you-- AND CK is supporting the whole thing! Check it out right now- the frist challenge goes live in January )  that will be 64 layouts in a YEAR... totally managable... and you DON'T really have to come up with any of the ideas of WHAT to scrap.. I mean I give you some fun challenges to get you thinking and then you can go from there!  ALSO... if you ever have questions you can email me at

OK friends-- have a great day!  I hope you will check out the Thanks Living Challenges, I really believe it is a step in life toward real happiness in 2012. 


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