Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ever have a blah day?

Well this morning started out that way.  I think it was because, believe it or not, I slept in.  I have been battling the blues a little and sleeping in always makes it worse.  SO I thought maybe that I need to scrapbook to feel better, but I look at my laundry and my kitchen and family room and bedroom not to mention the bathrooms, and I say how on earth can I get away with scrapbooking. SOOO I started the dishwasher and laundry.  I came in my office and checked email and the CK Boards.. (which two of my topics were chosen for highlight in the weekly goings on at CK Boards -whoo-hoo) I actually feeling a little better-- I think I just needed to get moving in some way.. so here I am typing out my feelings on my blog.. I think it is true, writting stuff down makes some people feel better... I do.. so thanks for reading :o)  ANYWAY, here is a layout I did the other day and I don't really love it.. it's ok.. but nothing special.. other than I love the photos :oD!


  1. love this fun and colorful layout! The borders are fab! Great photos too!
    Kim xXx

  2. can just email me when you need to blab.... or like you it and I'll read it! Maybe you were blah since you didn't have a little joe to brighten your!!! (jk, of course). Hope today is better! Love the pics and colors on this lo...must see it in person!!

  3. Love this layout! Love the strip of the patterned paper. The Martha Stewart punch you used is my favorite and I love the corrugated letters!