Thursday, June 10, 2010

Missing Brad...

SO it was pointed out to me that I scrapbook people when they are out of town.. A LOT.. Last night I scrapbooked this layout it has a note from 2003 that Bradley left on my desk.  I am missing him because he is in Washington DC!  He has been texting me and being so wonderful.. He doesn't even realize how much his text and I miss you toos mean to a mommy.. so this layout has a hidden journaling tag behind the photo and it reads:
There are days when being a mom is really hard- You wonder if you're messing up-- if your kids will be ok--If, If, If-- the constant nagging in the back of your mind
Then there are days like March 16, 2003 -- When you feel blessed and treasured by simply finding a little note on your desk- left by a very special little boy.


  1. AND --- Sometimes (your) Little Layouts Really Rock! Ok...all the time!

  2. Oh that note is just darling!!!! I love how playful that layout is! iots just perfect!