Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Country Road... take me home... to the place I belong...Arizona

Dear Scrapbook Supplies
Guess what.. we are heading home tomorrow!  The altitude seems to be getting the better of us. I was fighting a headache all day!  Pretty much slept almost all day.  I am never going to get to sleep tonight... but my headache feels better. Anyway, we are packing up the truck tonight and we are going to push hard to get back home tomorrow night! 
Daddy, Bradley, Zach and Uncle Mike went to the shooting range.  I think they had a great time. Daddy took funny photos of the road into the range.  I am excited to scrap them.  Anyway, I am excited to see you hopefully tomorrow night so be ready I know I will be tired but tomorrow but this weekend.. whoooo hooo baby we are back in business!
See you hopefully tomorrow.. if not tomorrow then Thursday for sure!
Goodnight looking forward to see you soon


  1. Ummm....Yeeeaaahhh!!!!???? So sorry your vacation is almost over...NOT!!! Man, do I miss you!!! Let me know when you get home so I can run by and get a big hug!!!

  2. I'm glad you're having a good time....
    Kim xXx