Friday, August 6, 2010

Ok Chick-A-Dee's

As you know if you are a reader of this blog.. which I would like to say thank you if you are.. "thank you"  I recently joined the Club CK Team as a Moderator.. One of the fun things about being a Moderator, is I get to come up with fun ideas for the Challenge board.. (I love that board)  SO I created a thing called the "ISSUE" Challenge.  I am going to be using the CK magazine as a leaping off point for the challenges - Then once a new issue comes out, I will be doing a drawing for a prize - NOW if you want to have more then one chance to win, just do all the challenges - YOU DO NOT have to do them all, but for each one you do, you get another chance to win. Each Challenge is worth one entry if you do multiple entries per challenge that is fine, but only one entry per challenge (not per layout)
ANYWAY.. the link to the #2 Challenge is right here:

Challenge #2 Link

You can also do the first one here:
Issue Challenge #1

You will need to post your layout in the CK Gallery.. not a big deal, and then post the link to the thread... so I can find your name to put in as an entry.  In the Drawing thread (at the end of the challenge term) I will put a list of the names and the challenges I have them entered for.  You will have ONE day to send me any corrections (if I missed a challenge you posted to) 

So really the prizes are new, not dig out of my stuff .. so I hope you enjoy and play along.. Here are the photos of the prizes. 
This round is for the JULY/AUG 2010 Issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine. That means at the end of August, I will be doing the drawing.. and GOOD LUCK!
Prize # 1

Prize #2

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  1. Wowie, yummy prizes, I'm going to go check out your challenges!
    good luck!!!
    Kim xXx