Sunday, September 12, 2010

my brain hurts!

Ok really... homework is very time consuming when you have not been in a math class for several years!  I am pleased with my desire to "get it" and I am just spending time every day trying to re-learn all that stuff from high school and what not that I thought I would never ever need in life agian... HA!  I am still struggling with the signed problems, BUT I am slowly beginning to not be as afraid of the numbers...
I really hope our professor doesn't just move ahead at the speed of light, because I am really working hard to get all this stuff  and he does move kind of fast. 
Well I am jsut taking a brake.. so I need to get back to the books.. I am working on a new paper too.. about social labels.  I am trying to determine if I want to do "square pegs" as my social label. I have questions for my English instructor... I am glad I only started with two classes... I am really working on balance.. and right now I am off my scale.. LOL  I just keep telling myself   I LOVE MATH.. and truthfully I love the feeling when I check my work and it is right.. that is indeed the BEST feeling ever!

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  1. Being back in school is just scary and I give you lots of props for doing it! I do {heart} math, always have...well, with the exception of Geometry.