Friday, September 3, 2010

Pea-Brained Skunk Print - Chloe

OK sooo I took the kids to school today. After dropping Allison off at school I had rolled the windows down about half way so Chloe could stick her muzzle out.  WELL I hear a "clink" like she had jumped into the back of the Kia.. and I look in the rear veiw mirror to see her landing on the pavement.. SHE JUMPED OUT OF A MOVING CAR! Who told me that Border Collies were smart?!? I slammed on the brakes, threw the car in park and jumped out of the car to check her.. She started to run away.. like to a house. (I admit it was the same model or close to our home)  I am calling her.. CHLOE come her baby.. come on.. she is now obviously scared and I see that she has at least a cut under her chin. 
SO I am trying to get her to not run in fear.. SO I drop down and in my sweetest "hey stupid dog" voice I say "Skunk Print comehere... " (Bradley recently started calling her skunk print) and she trotted over to me like nothing had ever happened.  I grab her up in my arms, roll the windows up and rush her home.. she has a little boo-boo on her chin and that is all.  The vet says it is VERY rare for a dog to jump from a moving vehicle, but she must have seen something that made her feel like she needed to.  (like a cat)
ANYWAY.. one of my friends at Club CK mentioned --once a dog gets something in their little pea brains.. and well it has stuck.. so we are thinking of renaming Chloe to Pea-Brained Skunk Print.. what  a goober! (this is an old photo of her.. but you can kind of see why Brad calls her skunk print.)

OK so I just wanted to give you blog reader a chance to win PRIZES as the last post mentioned, I host a Challenge at Club CK so go check out these two links to find out more...

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