Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Embossed Candle

I was asked on the Frosted blog after my embossed candle was put up..HOW did I do this.. Well this technique has been around for a while and I take no credit in developing it, just learning and passing it on. It is actually really simple and fun...

SO you need a candle, Stamps of your liking, embossing powder, heat gun and ink (I like VersaMark for this project), tissue paper close to the same color as your candle - * note: This project works best on white candles.

OK so here at the steps.. If I need to post photos of the steps let me know and I will.

Step One: Stamp image using VersaMark ink onto the tissue paper.

Step Two : Sprinkle with embossing powder while still wet. Tap of extra powder carefully (DO NOT HEAT YET)

Step Three: Cut as close to the image as you can. Being careful not to knock off too much powder (if you do,try a re-sprinkle when you are done, dont forget the tap!)

Step Four: Prep candle by choosing where you want the image to go. Then heat slightly with your heat gun. Quickly place tissue paper (embossing powder up) onto the candle where you slightly heated...then apply heat. (Be sure to not full blast the candle, hold your heat gun back as far as you can but still able to melt the embossing powder. This process may take a little longer, but the results are worth it)

NOTE! A little spit on the back of the tissue paper can also hold that little sucker down until you can begin embossing the image... A little crude, but effective... and if the image is big... it helps to know that!

You should notice that as you are heating the embossing powder that the tissue paper is seemingly dissolving into the candle's wax.. that is excatly what you want... IF you add too high a heat you will melt the candle and it will look icky.. So practice a few times and don't get discouraged.

For the top of my candle, I simply added the Versamark around the top and sprinkled directly onto the candle, then I hit is with the heat gun to make it a little "drippy" looking I did move my heat gun closer to the candle.

The wrap is just cardstock and oh the joy.. you can poke those brads right into the wax to secure the paper!
Good luck and let me know how it comes out.. I may just feature yours here.. You can email your finished projects to gzuswins@aol.com
Love ya guys

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  1. Loving this, e.... I'm so glad you shared the directions with us! I'm inspired to make one!
    Kim xXx