Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why have I put this off? sigh

Ok I have noticed that I have not been doing a great job keeping photos labeled and organized... ok I have never done a good job at it.. in fact, I was looking through photos looking for something I wanted to put on a layout and saw a photo from 1999 next to a photo from 2008.. That was kinda what made me face my disorganization...OK sooo I have begun to tackle this beast.. It has been well a PAIN IN THE (insert word of your choice for behind here) . So I just ordered another 161 photos (life keeps going if my photos are organized or not!) and I realize I need more storage for these photos. I love these boxes from Michael's so I am going to have to buy a few (like 10 more)
SOOO as I am sorting (and pulling out journals and scrapbooks for dates-- Oh Im also pulling out my hair) I needed a break so I came here to just whine a little .. so I guess I have to get back to the salt mines! LOL I have totally taken all day to work on this.. I feel like I have so little to show for it... BUT its a start.. OK done whining sorry!
So here is some photos of what I am going through.. the first photo is NOT sorted yet.. I have like 30 piles like this... and the second photo is one of what I am attempting to do!

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  1. wow! You are good! SO organized! YOur blog looks amazing and I love that candle too! So sorry about loosing your blog~