Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Friends

For those of you that may not know.. Dave and I belong to a group called warm showers. We open our home to cyclist that are traveling across country (or any tour really) and need a warm, dry, free place to stay along with a nice hot home cooked meal (though sometimes we take them out for a nice meal) -- anyway in the last month we have had 3 people stay with us.. Shaou Ming (from China) as well as Dave and Barbra (couple traveling together from Missouri) -- Well, I must say it has been amazing month.. I love meeting people from all over the place and all these bikers have me wanting to hit the pavement and head out across country. I think it would be such fun to go from the east to west coast on our bikes. So I am planning on talking to Dave about seriously doing this in a year or so... Here are some photos of our new friends. I have been so blessed to have new friends that I have met!

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