Saturday, April 3, 2010

I have decided and blah blah blah!

It's really hard to be on a Design Team. I have been working on some really fun layouts, and I WANT to share them right now.. I don't want to wait. There is one that is coming up on Practical Scrapper that I have done that I L-O-V-E it... arrrrgh.
OK so I have also decided that I am not JUST a scrap booker. I really love to quilt, crochet, cook, draw and do other stuff. My friend Joni showed me this doodling art she took a class on, and I am really interested in doing it. I also really like making cards but I usually hate my cards. I for some reason, really am hard on myself and my crafty projects

So maybe I need to broaden my posting to include more that just my scrapbooking. Ok I have babbled enough for tonight.

Oh I added a photo of my Frosted Design Layout for this week. It is a color combo... Black, Pink and Lime.

I have also realized in the big pond of scrapbookers out there... I am really just an average scrapper. I was blog hopping today and GEEEEEZZZ there are so many people that are SOOO much more talented. I like my scrapbooking.. it is good, but it is NOT the best. I saw some things today that made me say.. WOW I love that, or why didn't I think of that. Humility is creeping up on me. I have often been "proud" of my scrapbooking, but today I was really really humbled.


  1. Yes, we spent all day Friday...croppin' and blah blah blahing.... works for me!! And I would not use the word AVERAGE to describe you at all. However, humility is always a good thing! Especially today (it's Easter Sunday). Funny some of the things you said about other layouts are some of the things I say when I see YOURS!!! Love ya!!!

  2. Ok, teacher mode kicking in here, e! Do not ever call yourself average! We are all very talented and God has given us this gift to share our love of scrapping, cards, quilting, and such with others! Each of us have our very own style that sets us apart from everyone else. If not, we'd only need one blog. I'm so thankful for you, Joni, all my dt sistahs from all over and especially for the gift that God has given you! I love to visit you and be inspired by EVERYTHING you create! You always inspire and knock my socks off!
    And ditto Joni!!!!!
    Kim xXx