Friday, April 16, 2010

CKC-Mesa --- ROUND 1 TKO

Who would have thunk it... I could buy this much new stuff? WOW! Joni had the fabulous idea to have a "quick" shopping day today at the convention (beacause we both actually signed up for some classes) Well we had fun, found a lot of good bargins. I was happy as a clam this year. I felt like re-charged and excited to be scrapbooking again... I saw a lot of friends and just really had an overall great day. Of course hanging out with my best friend all day was just icing on the cupcake and tomorrow we get to do it all again. I will not be purcahsing as much however because, well LOOK ^^ at the stuff I got today.. I am like WHOOOO-HOOOOO time to scrap.. but I wanted to update my blog and say hello to some online friends first.. so I am off to sort and maybe actually scrap some.. Joni and I have a challenge for each other so I may work on that! Its only 10 pm for pete sake.. that is like a couple hours before bedtime. I don't have to pick Joni up for Round 2 until 8:30... Ok Im off hopefully I will have a layout to share tomorrow.. if not.. well know I had fun looking at my new goodies!

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  1. yummy goodies, enjoy and I know you'll create some fabulous things with all that fun shopping!
    Kim xXX