Saturday, July 24, 2010

Return to Sender?!?

Dear Scrapbook supplies,
I wrote you a very long letter and it was sent back -- return to sender.  Sadly, it seems the internet did not want to share with you my letter.  Therefore, I will be forced to write you a shorter note, due to my physical exhaustion! 
SO in my last unposted letter I told you all about the Adventure Science Center in which we got in free and Daddy and I climbed to the top of the kids tower.. which as it turned out was further up then we thought... and a lot smaller space then we first reckoned.  ANYWAY we made it and the kids had fun playing the germ game in which Daddy and my team whooped Brad and Ally's. Well maybe not whooped, but we won. We also had fun watching the kids in the BLUE MAX... I can't wait to show you the video and photos from our day there.
I also mentioned about the day before that when we went on the walking tour of downtown  Nashville... the buildings were very cool and we even saw a building that was called "Phoenix"  we loved the Nashville library, the grand reading room.. well Allison decided we will be stealing that and bringing it back to Phoenix. 
Yesterday, was mine and Daddy's 16th Wedding anniversary and we went out to dinner and then Daddy took the kids to see the movie Inception.  I stayed home because of some issues that were going on that required Dave or I to be here, so I volunteered. 
Today, Daddy and I drove around for a bit (he slept in very late) and then Grandpa took us all to Steak and Shake.. one of my favorite places.. I mean besides the scrapbook store.. now don't get excited, I love the scrap store! 
Daddy and I also decided check out downtown Nashville on a Saturday night. Well we were a little disappointed, it was kind of like a dirty Las Vegas, and it was kind of heartbreaking for us to see all these beautiful girls exposing themselves.. anyway, it was an experience and I am glad we went. The lights were cool and we saw a lot of horse drawn carriages all interesting, lots of country music... (duh) 
So anyway, I tried to make it short but alas, there is a lot I skipped.  We are having fun and will probably pull out of TN on Tuesday. 
NOW I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of the pattern paper.  I recieved reports that you were mixing well together.  I heard that the Jillibean and Little Yellow Bicycle were actually mixing it up!  I am so proud and what a great example you set... Now I konw Cosmo has been working on working with other papers and it is nice to see the rest of you following along.  Keep up the great work.  I am hoping to bring home some friends for you to play with.. (hehehehehe)
Please be good and know I am taking lots of photos so we will be very busy! 


  1. You're funny!! Was wondering where you were... glad all is ok. I need to go visit your scrapbook supplies to make sure they are ok...and I have a new friend coming to play with them..(expecting that to arrive on Monday)... Her name is Olivia...she's pretty and pink... I already have her brother Oliver and he rocks!!

  2. Youre making me GREEN with envy!!! I miss my scrapbook buddy and supplies!