Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exciting NEWS

Dear Scrapbook Supplies
I am so happy to tell you that I am a moderator over on the Club CK boards!  OH and I have issued a challenge for people to get a chance to win a prize!  It is here...
ISSUE Challenge #1

So anyway, I had a little trouble with my internet/PdANet I was not able to get internet, it was so sad!! I have gotten it fixed now that I have internet access in FENTON, MO. 
Hey did you know I was born in MO?  Yeah it's true. SO I have been taking lots of photos, We had an interesting storm and it looked really cool from a half mile away.  SO I got great photos of that. 

OH I also got some cool photos of the Mighty Mississippi!  we have seen a lot today.  We decided taking the freeway is NO WAY to see the countryside, so we have been taking State Routes and side road and are weaving our way back across the country.  IT IS AMAZING to see all the "small town America" out there.. Such beautiful homes and farms.  I am just awe-struck.  We had to find our way to Fenton to find a place to sleep tonight and after an exhustive search, we have found a place!  (obviously with internet.. since my PdANet is now working again)
ANYWAY, I want the journal spots to know, I am going to be using you up and OH journaling pens, you really need to be working out while I am gone, because I have a lot for you to do!  Enjoy your vacation too because WE have a lot of work to do when I get home!
OH did you girls enjoy Ms Joni's visit today?  She told me you were all being very good!  Thank you for being such wonderful supplies!  OH she did tell me too that my Studio Calico was trying to get out of the box... I just want you to know, I will be getting you out when I get home so please don't get all mixed up while I am gone.. OH and tell the Basic Grey I will have a special treat for them when I get home!
OK be good, Keep a loving eye on the girls- and no tossing ink pads again ok! 
See you soon!


  1. You crack me up... Home 8/8, right? That's what Jaz said. I think that's the day my neighbor is coming home too, so not sure I might have those dates mixed up. Miss you... Olivia is there and taking control of your room...keeping all the boys in order. OH, I was thinking about last summers line called TRAVELER...I know we both bought a bunch of it...that'd be good for your new photos too.

    Oh did you see that tag at the top of your blog...you're losing your background 8/1.

  2. Congrats, e....you are a hoot!!!! Have some real fun!
    Kim xXx