Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Buildings and Air Conditioners (not in that order)

My very dear scrapbook supplies,

I know it, I know you thought I would write sooner.. well I would have but you see, the place we are staying now (grandpa's house) has air conditioning... and simply put, I slept in today!  It was great because I had not had much sleep and was really tired.. anyway when I woke up, Daddy decided we needed a little adventure, so we headed to downtown Nashville to find the visitor center!  We found it (Thanks to GPS-- no that doesn't mean Glue Paper Scissors-- it is Global Positioning System)  and we gathered a bunch of information for tomorrow.  We also walked around a bit and saw and photographed many old beautiful buildings. Yes, I took the photos so you and I would be able to play when I get home!  Anyway- our discovery that air conditioning in the south is vital to living has cause a bit of unrest among the children. You know they did not complain one time the whole time we were in the hot box known as Alma Arkansas but now they are whining a bit about the heat. OH well, Daddy has a way to stop that!  He told them they can't have the iTunes cards we got them -- that changed the tune... (haha yeah I know it was a bad pun) 
Anyway, I hope you all are being good and that the stickers are adhereing to the rules of play while I am away... I will take more photos for you tomorrow so we can be busy as can be when I get home.. Oh and can you send a note to Joni, John and Joe and tell them we miss them.. Hug the girls and puppies for me... See you soon! 
OH I am hoping for some exciting news tomorrow..if it comes, I will write you all about it.  I know it will be later because we are going to tour downtown Nashville tomorrow, maybe even do a tour of the state capitol!  Cool huh?  Good Night!

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  1. I think your stickers ARE adhering to the rules..now that was punny!!! Joseph went to movie w/Jasmine yesterday...Casey picked them up after & took Joe to Beuf CC... it was all good. Jasmine initiated it by texting me and asking about going. We'll be sure to set that up on Sunday/Monday instead of Tuesday morning next week!!! Sounds like you guys are doing well (except for the heat)...looking forward to more stories... I'll be headed to check in with the supplies this weekend to see how they're doing and borrow something...