Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Scrapbook supplies...

Dear Scrapbook Supplies,
I miss you!  I have been gone two full days now.. sigh, the good news is I am out making those memories we need so we can be together. 
We did some really neat stuff today, we saw Cadallic Ranch and the largest cross in the western hemisphere.  We also drove a lot but took some photos.  We arrived at our tent site and realized we had a bad plan. So we are changing gears, and are taking plan B... which will make for a great layout.  Anyway, I miss you my little embellishments... have a good night, I will be sweating in Alma Arkansas  and 110% SURE  I will never do tent camping in Arkansas in the summer again!  OH did I mention how lucky you are that you are in a dry heat?  OH yeah don't ever complain about that again! 
Good night my friends, take care of eachother while I am "back east" 

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